October 27


The other day I had some time in the local town before I would attend a 5rhythms dance session in the evening. I love dancing and especially dancing to the five rhythms of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness forming a naturally meditative session of movement. The dance becomes a wave of life, of birth, death and renewal… of profound joy.

I had not danced for over a half a year. But now was the time… even though I felt a bit stiff and tired in my body after having worked a lot in the garden these past weeks. I would just give my being a chance to flow, and it usually does:)

But as I already told you I had some time before the dance, and my feet took me to a bookshop where I browsed the shelves with English pocket books. I found a book by Gabor Maté, a renowned Canadian physician. I had read two other books by him: When The Body Says No and In The Realm of The Hungry Ghosts and been greatly influenced by his intelligence and genuine will to uncover the hidden structures of human development. This new book was about ADD and was called Scattered Minds. I put it in my pocket and went to dance. Read the rest of this entry »