March 30

The whole of your human personality is glued together with fear, fears are the basic ingredients of what you think you are. Fears are the limits of your world, the both conscious and unconscious premises of your human personality. Fears are the illusory limits that you as an unlimited spirit have chosen to experiment with. You are the sole creator of all the aspects of your life, you are the source of all of your experiences, whether good or bad, happy or sad – all of it arises from your mighty being.

By now you have done your utmost to balance out the dualism of your world, you have fought the bad and dark aspects of your life and tried to enhance the good and light sides of the same. But just like me, you have never really succeeded in your endeavor, nobody has. There is no way we can ever find peace through warring against one half of our world and idolizing the other. It has never worked, and never will.

You see, science has already found out that the ”good” world of visible light that we have learned to focus upon is a mere smear upon the enormity of the ”bad” world of invisible light and energy. The world that we can see with our eyes and technical devices is only about 0,5 % of all that exists in the Universe we live in. We have fought all our wars in vain, trying to find order in the tiny smudge of what is our visible world, while ignoring the enormity of the background out of which all of our worlds arise. We have wholly missed the point, messed our beautiful world because of our stubborn ignorance.

It’s time to turn our mind around, to release all our ideas and attitudes that do not reflect the true nature of our living Universe. It’s time to release our limited premises and suppositions, which have only time after time lead us to the Gate of Death, where we have been given a possibility to release those ideas that have burdened our poor body and used up it’s Life-Energy. Seldom, very seldom have we ever used this opportunity for the good of our life, nay, we have rushed through those gates and left our withered body for the worms of the Earth. We have carried in the emotional memory of our soul all those limited ideas about Life and ourselves that brought us to the Gate of Death. We have died for our limited ideas.

It has not entered our crowded mind that we can let our burdening thoughts die, and thus release our beauteous body from their deathly grip. That is why we are bound to return from the planes of Heaven back to this plane of Time, Matter and Space, where we once accepted those limits as our own. We always return through the same Gate, which bears the name Gate of Birth on the other side, carrying the same unresolved baggage of limited thoughts and attitudes with which we once chose to die. Back and forth, birth and death, one more dance of unresolved dualism.

Dualism can never resolve dualism, dualism only feeds dualism, whichever way it bends its unnaturally limiting ideas about our Living Universe. There needs to be something greater, something beyond our limiting notions about us and about our world. There needs to be a viewing point within us that resolves all of our dualistic ideas. There needs to be more than the 0,5 % of light to us. What is it? And where can we ever find it? And how?