March 30

In the beginning there was the still unmanifested movement of the vast sea of potentiality, which has always been and shall always be. It is the space itself within which all and everything necessarily takes place. This Original Oneness has traditionally been illustrated by a simple O, a circle within which creation is yet to take place. According to the latest physical knowledge this background of all creation consists of enormous amounts of energy in wavelengths so infinitesimally tiny that our measuring instruments have no way of reaching out to it to define it exactly and thoroughly. It is as if this constant sea of energy would always remain out of bounds for our intellectual efforts of understanding.

This Oneness is more than we can know, and still this Oneness is something that by its very nature needs to be present in both you and me, and in all the people we know and don’t know. Oneness needs to be all-inclusive, there just can’t be anything outside of it, no poor devils or sinners like you and me left outside. So what is this O, this Alpha and Omega, this something that has always been and shall always be, also in you and me? Could it be the stable point of balance from which all the swinging movements of our life originate?

That’s the very same thought that once eons ago started this Game of Life. You see the Oneness, the yet to be manifested allness, once pondered about its own nature. ”Who am I?” it asked. Its intention and will echoed in the vastness of its being. It turned inwards for the answer, for obviously there was nobody out there in the nothingness of the still unmanifested worlds to answer it. So it pondered upon its own nature, just like I did when I had not found myself in the roles of the world outside. We both turned our attention inwards while holding the same great question ”Who am I?”

We were both pregnant with creative intent, confidently waiting for the answer to reveal itself to us. We were both using the very same ancient method of enquery, turning our attention towards the vastness within, and trusting that the answer will eventually be born.

When Oneness pondered upon itself it focused all of its will and energy right smack in the middle of its vastness – wherever that was – and ”lo and behold” there, right there appeared the first focuspoint of creation, the first individual movement of the Oneness. The One and Only Child of God was born in the first creative act ever. The source had spilled it’s seed, thus impregnating it’s vastness with the Godseed that is you and me, and all of our kind in every corner of all the possible universes.

This only true child of God is the core energy of our being that still remains the same, it is the divine seed of intent that has been buried deep within every one of God’s children under a mountain of subsequent choices of creation. One of the major choices that all of us here have made is the choice to think that we are utterly separated from our divine source, that we are all alone and unconnected in the vastness of our life-experience.

That was a crucial thought, ”Just a Thought”, which seeded our current world and our experiences in it. But whatever we think, and thus are let to experience, we were never actually thrust outside of the vastness of God’s One-derful being. There truly is nothing outside of the all-encompassing Oneness, nobody out there without God’s constant presence that serves and protects all of us equally and eternally. Just remember that to start with.

There truly has never been a thing or being outside of God’s sphere of presence. Not you, nor me either, even though we both surely have often thought that way and consequently felt the same and thus created realities to reflect that creative thought. Yes, that feeling of separation from our true source was ”Just a Thought” held and afterwards experienced in the vastly loving bosom of our Mother/Father/God/Oneness.

And you know what, it was you and me and all our mates in all the possible universes that were born the very instant God first revealed itself to itself. God gave birth to its firstborn, to this energy of unlimited creation that still lives within us, in the only true children of God or Oneness. We were all created in the Image of God, just as every child is always born in the image of its parents. We were all born to give form to the formless that God has always been, we were the answer to God’s urgent question:”Who am I?”

In order for us to reconnect ourselves with the God/Father/Mother/Source we just need to ask the same question with equal intensity. God shall reveal itself to us just like we together have revealed God to itself through all our deeds and experiences in God’s unlimited vastness. ”Who am I?” is the question, ”Just a Thought” is a valid answer.

You see, knowing that I am ”Just a Thought”, even though it actually was the first ever manifested thought of God, gives me a new point of observation, a new ground to stand on or the fabled ”New World” to live in. When I thoroughly realize in mind and body the meaning of being ”Just a Thought”, the meaning of being an immaterial child of God and a holy adventurer into the realms of time and place, I am relieved of all the angst and fears of my human experience.

For what is there for a thought to be afraid of? What is there that can ever threaten my immortality as the first born son or daughter of God? Or why should a thought be afraid of another thought? How could one thought be better or worse than any other? They are all equal seeds of creation, we are all seeds of creation, the impulses around which matter in God’s graceful embrace gathers to manifest the reality of all and every thought in whatever possible – or impossible – form. Everything is created by ”Just a Thought”, everything has always been created by us, by the carriers of God’s divine creativity. We as God’s children are the unlimited masters of all our universes, we are God’s wonderfully creative hand in action.

How dare I say that I am a God’s child? How dare I suggest that as a child of God I have all the potentials of God itself hidden in myself? I am like a miniature Universe with all the aspects of God holographically present in my being. Just like a seed of an enormous oak contains the vastness of its being and all of its futures in the tiniest of tiny structures of its seed, its DNA. And remember, God never threw us outside of its benevolent being, God never thought that thought. It was us, the seeds themselves, that created that painful thought as a brief illusion of separation, a minor diversion in the magnificent ever-ongoing flow of creation, just about to be brought to a new level through a completed circle of understanding in you and me, in God that we are.

Also the fact that my mind works basically the same way as the mind of God, creating new worlds and realities by my focused intent, belies of my near relationship to God/Oneness/Source itself. I am One with the One just as I have always been. The One that can never be but the Whole, where the only Holes in the Wholeness are our own spiraling escapades of creation reaching through the descending levels of vibration down to this very moment of illusory time where we inhabit a body and a world created out of own coagulated thoughts.

Our physicists know that matter in any form whatsoever is made up of energy, of pure energy bound and ruled by some mysterious way by the will of the Observer. Just guess who is the Observer, the willful creator of this material experience in time and space? For it is you, and it is me, and all the scientists that observe the Observer. Together we are all holding up these stage props of time and destiny by our very intent.

We the Children of the Unlimited God were first all alone in the Vastness of our parent. There was nothing but us, the children of intent arisen from God’s will to know itself. We the Focuspoints of divinity had just the enormity of our parent to examine. And wherever we went when there was no up or down, nor behind or under – as there was nothing to attach these qualities to, no thing at all. All that we ever found was our parent, the never unchanging background of Eternity. So after a while we got bored of seeking something new from the monotonous emptiness of the world outside, just as our Divine Parent had got bored eons before, and we turned our own will within towards the vastness of our own Being.

And ”Lo and behold” a new entity was born from the child of God, a playmate arose to mirror it’s own will and intention. The children of God were not alone anymore, they had created  their reflection, the other, and the space of potentials in between. In that space they immediately started their interaction, their swirling spiral of living creation. Back and forth, high and low, here and there, and always everywhere.

These spirals of creation arose from the centerpoint of God to all possible directions. Every single child of God had its own thing going, own sphere of influence reaching out and in to uncover all that they, or their Holy parent could ever be. These swirling universes expanded to all ends of the world, to all corners of God’s being. They grouped together according to their individual will and formed galactic worlds that best reflected their freely chosen will. Thus was this beautiful blue planet of ours once formed in the backyards of divine creation for those hardy souls that needed a tough material experience in order to awaken from their brief slumber of forgetfulness.

And I need to remind you that it was you yourself who created this wonderful world. It is your own divine mind focused upon a creative vision that is expressed in the multitude of lifeforms here on Earth. But it is also your mind that is responsible for the dark side of this very same world, for the destruction and fear running rampant amongst us and bringing the whole of our planet on to a brink of annihilation.

You are the creative hand of God, God itself is just a great loving servant that humbly forms – and reforms – itself to express any of the thoughts carried by its beloved children. God serves us without the tiniest morsel of judgement, we always get to experience the contents of our consciousness whatever they are, and however conscious we ever are of that content. God unfailingly gives us all that we carry in our holy minds.

That is why our experiences here on Earth have been rough, as we have got stuck in repeating patterns of fearful thinking. We have started to fight and compete for the survival of the structures we have created thinking that our own creations are somehow better and worthier than those of another. We the Creators have given our lives for the things that we have created, and forgotten that the Divine Source of all creation still exists unblemished within each and every one of us. We have focused our efforts upon the outer worlds we have created and in our fear of not getting what we need from it fought for the seemingly limited resources of the material world, while forgetting that all of the material expressions we ever encounter have their source and beginning right smack in the middle of our own unlimited being.

That is why the original freely evolving spiral of creation gradually turned in upon itself as we started to protect ourselves from the supposed threat of the other Children of God forming and creating their own individual forms of Life. The experiencing of the illusory separation from the source, separation from God itself while still existing right within God, went according to a divine plan.

Not a soul, none of God’s children would ever be lost even though we might think so for a moment. Our forever spirit remained always unscathed after whatever experiences we had during our lifetimes on Earth testing the consequences of different thoughts or mindsets that we had freely chosen for ourselves.

What happened was that the experiences that always originated in the mind of an individual child of God were stopped, brought to an untimely halt, before they were fully experienced, before the circle of understanding had been able to complete its due course. You see, every thought – ”Just a Thought” – is a seed of a subsequent experience first created, formed and upheld in our mind and then given to our divine Mother/Father to fulfill and to realize in material expression. We got lost when we the Creators – the carriers of those mighty thoughts – somewhere on the way to Earth got so immersed in the created forms of our own thoughts, that we started to identify with them instead of remembering our true nature as their sole creator.

We started to create from the fear of loosing our identity, we started to protect ourselves from others of our own kind. We got afraid that they could somehow threaten our existence, our divine being. Yes, they could kill our body, the vehicle of expression and experience that we had created for the fulfillment of our souls desire. We have all surely been killed numerous times; many of us have clear memories of our previous lives in different bodies, which as such already tells us that the death of a body is always an illusion. Something or somebody remains after death to tell about the life that preceded it!

Death seems to be a reality from the perspective of the body-mind consciousness, when I think that my body is the whole of my being, but death is not a reality from the perspective of the eternal mind that we are. That mind, and the memories and emotions that it carries have never been destroyed by death. The mind, the background out of which bodies are created as vehicles of experience, remains the same.

We have surely also killed others of our kind, maybe to revenge the death of someone near and dear to us or to protect the holy thoughts of our own culture and society. There are numerous descriptions of how people have been blessed to meet the ones they have killed in another body and in other new roles of Life on Earth. All of this takes place to give us repeated chances to realize how futile our efforts of doing away with somebody of our own kind are. They just refuse to leave the stage of Life! And surely if I cannot kill a soul, a God’s child, nor can I be killed either. We are not the killers nor the killed, we are the Creators of those experiences, Gods playing around with Gods in the sand box of forever now.

These fearful experiences of death and suffering arising from our ignorance about our true nature gradually created a thick shell of protection around our divine core. We just about closed up our being in the fear of those others of our own kind. We let our fears dictate our life, and thus grouped together with people who had similar fears to protect and to cherish.

That is how the Children of God here on Earth were divided into fearful nations and other groupings of people carrying protracted animosity towards others of different kind. We chose to create a world of fear on this wonderful Blue Planet. A world where our ancient – or unresolved – fears are just now reaching their culmination on the planetary level, when our common fears are manipulatively raised to their nth degree.

That takes place as some of us fearful Gods have created a magnificent plan of enslaving all other Gods and using them to bolster up their own fearful image of lack. Their plan is to create a fearful reality in which other ignorant Gods can with the whiplashes of traumatic experiences be lead to surrender all of their individual power and creativity for the benefit of those who manipulatively created the fearful rules of the game. It is an ingenious plan that these Gods of our kind have kept alive for centuries. They have employed their God-given power of focused creativity for their own fearful purposes, while keeping the majority of people in ignorant state of enslavement. That has been possible because they first learned many spiritual truths about our nature and then chose to use them for their own shorthsighted benefit.

This magnificent display of our inherent creative power is a wonderful learning experience, where we are faced with the choice of surrendering to the planned for enslavement of Gods or regaining our innate powers of individual creativity in the face of this immensely cruel script that is been played out on the scene of Life here on Earth. We are once again given the possibility of letting all of our fearful thoughts to return back to where they all originated right within us. I am freed from the tentacles of the fear around me when I accept the full responsibility for my own life and let the process of my fearful thoughts proceed full circle back to me, back to core of God in me, back to where there is nothing whatsoever to be afraid of.

That is the glorious moment of awakening made all the more urgent by the illusion of fearful darkness we have chosen to create on Earth. This world is like the darkest, the most fertile soil ever created, where the Seeds of God, that we all truly are, have for so long laid dormant waiting for the warmth of the Sun, or Savior, to wake us up and lead us back home to God in Heavens. This curious ”waiting for the savior” -attitude has kept us away from the true savior within ourselves, from the God that we are. We have just langoured in repetitive patterns of fear while immersed in the dark soils of the Earth waiting for somebody out there – like Messiah – to come and pick us up and carry back home to God. We have not dared to ignite the divine DNA of our own being, even though the plentiful tears of our emotional suffering as dormant Godseeds have kept the dark soil around us well moistened.

You see, God has been waiting for us for a long time in its timeless being, God has waited for us to realize the divinity that has always resided within, been the core of what we are. God has been waiting for its prodigal sons and daughters to awaken to their own inner divinity and thus start growing back to God with the fullness of their resolved experiences as their own gift of wisdom to bring back to God. That is why God will never save us, God will never send anybody to save us, for in truth we are already saved, already sons and daughters of the ultimate God/Source/Life/. What other identity could ever be greater than that?

We all need to remember that we only need to be saved from our own thoughts, from those that we in our fear have not let go round the full circle of creation towards resolved understanding, or wisdom. It is all a matter of ”Just a Thought”, a fearful thought – or two – of limitation that have been standing in between me and the full-blown experience of being God that I am. A standing wave of fear and doubt that has kept us imprisoned in time and place.

This wonderful playground of ours, this sandbox of God’s children, has supported us in all of our endeavors. It has given us the possibility to test all of our thoughts in varied land- and timescapes. We have always got what we have wanted, needed and dared to think as ours

During our time here we have fought courageously for our individual identity or for the self set limits that we have personally chosen for our unlimited being as a child of God. We have all fought bloody wars against all those others who have chosen another set of fears to live – and die – for. That is why our life has become a seemingly endless emotional battle with all those other emotional beings around us. That is why our world is in the mess it is right now, because of you and me, and our constant internal battle. The world around us is just a mirror and a reflection of our own mind, a true picture of what we carry in the hidden recesses of our minds.

The question that now arises is: If – and when – the world is a reflection of the contents of my mind why don’t I change the contents that I carry? For truly I have, together with others, tried to change the world around us with no prevailing success. The fearful reality of our world has remained the same in spite of all our earnest dreams and endeavors. There truly is no way out there to make this world a better place, there is just the last bastion of ignorance to be faced and conquered, our ignorance of our very own nature and of the whole content of thoughts that we have chosen to carry in our mind. It is again time for the first question of Creation: Who am I?

Until now we have always asked this crucial question from those other equally bewildered and fearful beings around us. And all the answers we have got were naturally influenced by their own messy emotional state, which is always in a constant need for support and ”love”, always lacking and needful. Thus the others have always defined us through their own messy state and given us the roles they have needed in order to maintain their own personal identity as a poor bastard slung away from God’s Universe to fight for survival with other equally wounded souls. This common illusion of powerlessness that we carry is such an utterly false and artificial illusion that the mere upholding of this lie consumes a great part of our Life Force, and eventually leads us to another illusion called Death. We create Death because our living body just can’t cope anymore with the constant internal barrage of disharmony we choose to create and maintain. Thus our uninformed soul is expelled from this material sphere.

The soul then retires to the realms of Heaven, into worlds invisible for our material eyes, and plots a new life, a new body and a new experience with the same emotional ingredients that brought the previous life-experience to an end. In heaven we may freely choose the environment, the time and the body we want to inhabit next time around. But our freedom is directly dictated and governed by the emotional state of our being. It is the unresolved emotions of our past lives that create the template of our existence in this world of matter. These unfinished issues of our identity are always left for us to carry further until we one day are courageous to enough to face all our fears from the lofty stand-point of being ”Just a Thought”, God’s first forever thought that has just momentarily got lost in the fearful webs of its own creative imagination. From then on there are no fears, nothing to limit the creative potential of God’s only true children that we are.

This New World Order arising from individuals who have realized their true nature in God is just around the corner, it is around the corner of our own fearful thoughts. For the very moment we face and release a fear that we have carried, a New Order of Love is immediately opened up in our mind. Every time we drop a fearful thought easily and fully conscious of its futility and limiting nature we reconnect with the true loving source of Life within ourselves. We reconnect with the wisdom that has always been ours, we reconnect with Love that has always carried us in spite of all the intellectual denial we have ever fought it with. The wisdom of the ages, the loving embrace of God in us is the Source of all Life in any possible form, and the solution for all strife that we in our ignorance have succumbed to. And it is alive and well within us, just as it has always been.

When we let the Godseed of our Being to sprout, to follow its natural instinct of growth, we are relieved of all the burdens of the ages, which as the shells of the Godseed have protected its core – that is us – until the Time was ripe for our awakening. We have all waited for this simple and natural moment of growth with excited trepidation as we have gradually fallen in love with the shells of our being, with the protective network of those emotional traumas that have held our growth in a standstill under the deeply dark material soils of our world.

We are just not yet quite sure whether we want to leave our past behind, whether we dare to open up our brain, the Godseed, that has waited for this flowering for such a long time. We are not quite sure whether we should open up ourselves for the unknown outside of our Shell – or Cell – or should we just carry on being enclosed in our fears. The fears are what we know, what we are accustomed with, the Unknown Something is full of challenges, full of possible fears.

Gradually the pressures of growth, and the truly fertile circumstances on our Earth, force us to make a decision. Either we surrender to the pressing urgency of further growth or we surrender once more to our past emotional traumas and fight for the deadly sameness of  their being. The results of the latter choice are obvious and concrete when the stagnant truths of our life of denial are ultimately celebrated by raising a polished stone on our grave. There we have a gloriously appropriate symbol for our life-long denial of growth. In death we won over the ever ongoing Life, we finally became lifeless as a stone – so it seems at least.

So as you can see the Little Fellow within the God’s all-encompassing circle has chosen to let Life go on. He has chosen to open up his shells of Fear and to reach out for the unknown. He is sprouting upwards towards the God of All and he is rooting himself downwards, also towards the God of All. Obviously whichever direction his growth takes it always reaches towards God. It is only the ”ungrowth”, the fervent denial of any other possibilities but the ones dictated by our past traumas, which keeps God at bay, keeps Life in a stand-still, and us as the prisoners of our own past.

What is your choice? What is it that you want to create? Where do you want to direct your divinely creative will? To a Godseed finally opening to its long-awaited growth in all the possible directions of God or to a fear-filled Godseed fervently denying its own growth and its own unlimited possibilities? What do you want to be, a God realized in human form or a God denied in human form? The choice is yours.

Most of us don’t even realize that we have a choice, the stagnant limits of our chosen human roles deny us the freedom that is inherently ours. And we ourselves, by accepting those common limitations, choose to limit our own world and our own experiences so that they fit into the expectations expressed by our current society. We divine sons and daughters of God freely choose to be equally limited and blind as our dear brothers and sisters. We do not dare to cross the borders of ignorance in fear of being ignored or hated by the ignorant. Quite a dilemma, isn’t it?

Don’t you see how your human identity is endlessly fragile and needy? It needs constant maintenance and repair, energy or love, hate and acceptance from those other equally fragile beings around you. You yearn, you demand and you scream; sometimes you get what you think you need, sometimes you don’t. And whatever happens your human personality never reaches a state of balance, which couldn’t be toppled over by the next emotional rollercoaster already waiting around the corner.

So what do you really want to be, the wholly emotional human being that you thought you were or the divine master of your own universe that you have always been, but never dared to think that you are? And remember that being the master of your own universe does not mean – nor require – that you are the master of anybody else, but yourself.  All those others are masters of their own destiny, just like you are, and don’t need anybody else to run their life anymore.

All the dictators and other madmen aspiring to rule over the whole wide world are in a sense doing the right thing, they are acknowledging themselves as the master of their own universe. The only glitch in their thinking is that in their fear for their fellow Gods they also try to rule over them and to conquer their lands and their businesses. They are trying to usurp the rights of other masters of individual universes in order to fill up their own falsely – or unnecessarily – fearful image of themselves. They want to project the fearful illusion of their own petty self to over the whole world and universe. Eventually all those balloons of false greatness are blown up and collapse leaving a rubble of destroyed lands and conquered lives in their wake.

Look, how beautiful the natural growth of a Godseed is. The leaves growing upwards connect the mind and the brain to the finely tuned high atmosphere of divine presence, while the roots growing through the neural network of the human body unite us with the lowest ever vibratory reality in the whole wide world of God. There truly is nothing below us, no hell no nothing, as the final border of creation is reached in the pitch black soil of our world. When ”Just a Thought”, the rapidly vibrating stuff out of which everything is created from, reaches almost a standstill in the form of coagulated matter, God has reached the final border for its vibratory creativeness. There’s nowhere to go below us, nowhere to reach but to God within us to reconnect us with the natural flow of creation, with the Life that never ends.

It all started with ”Just a Thought”, a thought of God, which through the ages of descent from the highest pitch of unlimited presence down to the lowest rumbling existence of our material world, is now ready to turn back to God, back to where it all started when God asked the first question of them all ”Who am I?” and got us and our worlds as a many-faceted answer to its earnest question. Now it is our time to ask the same question, and to listen to the true answer from within ourselves, for the answers of the world have all by now been tested and found faulty and limited.

We are finally eager to consciously unite us with God who in its unlimited patience has waited for the return of its Prodigal sons and daughters. God is eager to hear our individual answers to its first question ”Who am I?” And you should know that God is not going to judge any of our answers, all of them are equally valid and welcome for our Father/Mother/God who has never known how to judge any of its dear children.

It is time for us to answer God’s call, to remember that we are all ”Just a Thought” of God ruling and creating our own individual universes in the benevolent vastness of eternity. We are all free as we have always been, we are all ready to return to the unlimited presence of God that once sent us as adventurous children of its being to find out our own individual answers to who God is. It’s time to bring our answers back to God as they form the basis for the next round of creation about which we don’t as yet know anything much. But one thing is for sure: as conscious companions of God in the vast playgrounds of Creation our lot is going to be vastly more expansive and joyfully balanced than we have ever even been able to dream of as fearful human beings. It is surely Good to be God!