March 30

Just think the thought: You have never been hurt. The essence of your being has never been maimed nor hurt by anybody or anything. Can you think that thought? Can you let your being process that thought without succumbing to the first well trained response of denial? Can you consider the possibility and the truth of that sentence freely without all of your past? Can you? Will you?

We all carry around an immense collection of conscious and unconscious hurts, memories of traumatic experiences that we have allowed to shape our life and our identity. But have you ever pondered who is the being who allows that to happen? Who is the guy in us who collects all that stuff? There is a possibility that the unseen collector in us is the guy we actually are, not all those emotional collectibles that we have chosen to carry. Can you see the difference?

Can you sense the possibility of freedom from the past after we have identified the collector of the past? For if I am not the stuff I have collected, if I truly am the Collector, then I as the Collector have the power to release all of my collections. The action with which I attached all those traumatic experiences to my being can be reversed. I can let go of my past, for I have never actually been hurt!

Your first human reaction to such thoughts is the denial of even such a possibility followed by a flood wave of all of your deeply cherished hurts that you have identified with. They all surely yours and they are all alive fighting for your attention, they are all screaming that they are true, that they are what you are. They are all fighting for the dominance of your mind and being, because they are animated only when you give them your attention, your precious Life Force. That is why they hold onto you, to the Collector, who once was enchanted enough to pick them up and give them life.

Most often you succumb to one of them, you give your attention to a past occurrence that you had once experienced as hurtful. This proves to yourself that you have been hurt, and thus you keep on acting accordingly spreading hurt all around you as an unconscious cloud of attraction. You set up the stage of your Life and create new hurtful situations to prove the truth of your past: You have surely been hurt!

You, the Invisible Collector of Emotions, have instinctively covered your being with past hurts in order to protect yourself from getting hurt again. You have created a venerable armor of the past to protect you from the future. Those hurts are hovering around you just like Secret Service agents and body-guards always hover around your president. But how fearless are you and and how fearless is your president surrounded by all those fearful entities? How free are you from your past?

For both you and for your president the fear of outside aggression creates escalating fearful encounters with the world around. Neither you nor your president have ever been informed that whatever you surround yourself with is the template and blueprint for your subsequent experiences. You simply create hurtful experiences by being of afraid of being hurt. You just like your president see threats and terrorists all over the world never realizing that all of them are direct reflections of your own inner attitudes of fear. A mirror of all the stuff you as the Collector have chosen to carry around just like the homeless bag ladies do. – Just a little side question: Are the bag ladies the bags they carry – or?

Neither you not your president have been informed that we – each and every one of us – are powerful creators of our own worlds and universes. Whatever you keep in the forefront of your creative mind is bound to become a reality expressed in your world as well. You can never run away from your powers of creation, you can just deny them and then create the reality of that denial. You’re stuck in being a God! What a shame for your hurtful identity, for the idea of being a victim that you have chosen to carry along for such a long time! Why don’t you leave those bags of rotten emotions behind? Why don’t you stop collecting them? For you are the Collector, the Carrier and the Creator of them all!

The fact that you are still there reading these words and thinking these outrageous ideas is a positive proof that you are more than your hurts. You have an ability to ride them out and to listen to their demands without succumbing to their collective identity of being a victim. Your hurts are your emotional children, who in the midst of a temper tantrum all scream for your attention. And when they get it they eat up a bit of your delicious being again. They feed on the breasts of your mind, drinking the Life Force of your being. They never grow up, they never leave you unless you demand it. Those poor devils are full of fear, they know that they have no life outside of your being, their illusory presence is wholly dependent on you. That is why they continuously fight for your attention! They are dead without your precious life!

Your hurts turn to you – whoever you are if you’re not your hurts? – demanding your love and your attention, which is supposed to ease their pain. But as you must know by now whatever you give to your hurts is just a temporal relief, a moment’s respite, which is soon to be overcome by a new tsunami-wave of hurt. Every time you succumb to your remembered hurts, you reward them and give them more of your personal attention, more of your life. The more you identify with your hurts, the more you are enslaved by those old memories that you have chosen to carry.

What to do? Where to go? How can I ever tackle my own hurtful memories? How can I be free from them? How can I ever stop reacting to them? How can I ever let go those dear children of my emotions?

There definitely is an opening somewhere in your mind. You yourself have already proven it to you by being able to read all these thoughts. The fact that you have read this far means that you have not succumbed to your insistent feelings of being hurt. There definitely is somebody else, another entity in you, from whom the hurts demand attention just like children from their parents. These imaginary – created solely by our thoughts – children of our past hurts often run our lives as we are not able to see their imaginary nature in the face of our own invisible spirit. For it surely is our invisible and invincible spirit – the Collector within – that our hurts turn to whenever their existence is threatened. Why don’t we as well turn our attention to this mighty entity that all the voices in our head are so desperately trying to persuade to do their bidding? Aren’t we tired of being slaves to what has been instead of being masters of what is?

Next time you are about be overrun by your own emotions of hurt, just remember that you are not your hurts. You have never been hurt, you have just accepted that identity as a role in a play of Life. When you can observe the demands of your hurts from that lofty point of observation you are no more a slave to them. You become the master who has the power to decide what roles he wants to play, to what cause she gives her energy, the almighty attention of the Creator that all your hurts are fighting for. You are the parent of all your hurts, you are responsible for their existence by giving your Life-Force and attention to them. You serve them and keep their illusion of hurt alive. You are enslaved by your own past.

Like all hurt children your memories of hurt demand your attention in their yearning to be healed and released. They grave to be seen as they are and to be embraced in Love and Acceptance without any demands or judgements attached. In that simple embrace of acceptance – without a single reaction as a recapitulation to their petty demands – the energy of Life is released from the prison of the past. The hurt feelings are felt and accepted, they are seen as the illusions they are, and given back to the vastness of Creation out of which they once arose just as we had ordained.

Remember, you have never been hurt, you have just chosen to carry thoughts of hurt around. You have done it because you have wanted to experience the emotions of hurt, to feel them fully and completely. Haven’t you got enough by now? How about collecting some other thoughts, carrying new ideas and visions and creating new worlds and experiences through them? How about  ”I Am the Invisible Collector and Creator of My Experiences, I Am the Master Who Has Never Been Hurt”? Just try it out, and see for yourself!