A Godseed Sprouting "His Writing Is So Utterly Personal That It Becomes Universal"

“Just a Thought” – Another New Book By Klaus Ra

November 27

When I showed my ” A Little Book of God” to a friend she took it in her hand and read the back cover. She was ready to buy it, but when she looked inside and saw the poetic form of the texts she said: ” I just can’t read poems” and gave the book back. This made me think, and after a while I realized that I had material for a “real” book, for a book that would have the form of a traditional “self-help book”.

So here you are: “Just a Thought” and the text from the back cover: Do you know who you are? Do you know where you come from, where you are heading to? Do you know yourself? Who does? Read the rest of this entry »

Once I Was a Serious Guy

November 20

Once upon a time, just a moment ago, I was a serious guy. Somebody even told me that I was from the Serius, you know the star in the sky. But then I met myself, the real self, that which I had been hiding behind my seriousness. And all of the troubled past was just blown away, like it had never existed. Or maybe, there is just a slight remembrance of it left, like a warning telling not go there anymore. Read the rest of this entry »

You Are a Terrorist About To Blow Yourself Up

November 18

I was born with the set of emotions that had brought my previous life as a human being to an end. I was born with the residue of my past, with a mind-set that is like a time-bomb ticking away on my waist. The time of my death was already set before my birth, and my only way out of this predestined life was to first to accept that I actually did carry the bomb on my person and then to dare to look at it squarely and honestly to find a way to dismantle the bomb. The bomb actually consists of my unconscious and denied emotions, which I have never dared to look at and thus bring to conclusion and wisdom. It is built upon the shadows of my mind, upon my unwillingness to face myself and my own heritage. Read the rest of this entry »

The Who Is Singing?

November 9

See Me
Feel Me
Touch Me
Heal Me

All through my life I have sung this song, this song of yearning, of yearning to be loved, to be accepted just as I am. And I have sung it in vain, I’ve never met anybody who could have fully filled my yearning heart. My humanity has been left aching…

Just a moment ago I saw another possibility, a turning of tables that left my being with a fulfilled awe of revelation. What if the singer is not the ”black hole” of my yearning humanity, but the creative source of Life itself calling me back home, back home to the presence of God that has never truly left me? Read the rest of this entry »

The Greatest Dream

November 1

I am God. I am. I have always been, and always will. I am all and everything, nothing and all that there is. I am whole and holy, unlimited and full. I am all that exists and all that has not yet come to be. I am all that has been, all that can ever be. There is nothing but me; there is no other, nothing outside of me, no outside. Read the rest of this entry »


I am a blob of Life living as a human being. Just like you. A blob of Life that has chosen to experience its own creation in this toughest of all worlds, the Earth. And in order to experience this world of matter fully Life needs to clothe itself in the stuff of the Earth or create a body vehicle for itself. That is what you see, but that is not who I am.

My body is called Klaus Rahikainen. It was born in Helsinki, Finland. It has served me well through all of my adventures towards the point of remembrance, towards the moment when the Life that I am, and have always been, becomes realized in myself as a man. The moment when all the veils of human illusion are lifted and Oneness of Life is fully awakened in the mind, the soul and the body of a man. A Godseed has sprouted.

These pages contain the developing story of Life’s awakening in a man. The stories and insights with the heading “Just a Thought” give the background and the tools of awakening and the new postings describe the evolution of the new divine consciousness in a new world of wonder. It is all yours, just as it is all mine, in Life.