March 6

Anyone who imagines themselves to be right needs, to maintain their imagination, someone else who must be wrong. Anyone who thinks they are good sees someone else as bad. Anyone who is afraid is ready to hate another over there. And, of course, those others we hate, feel to be bad, or imagine to be wrong feel more or less the same about us. We are all trapped in the swing of goodness and evil, fear and hatred and virtue signaling. We’re fucked up.

Right now that trap is exploding in our eyes. The latent anxiety caused by two years of fear was erupting at the beginning of the year into doubt about the leaders and rulers who guided us into it, those whom we have traditionally trusted to lead us benevolently and for the best of all of us. Even some articles questioning the common story began to appear in the public media. It felt like we were waking up from a bad dream…

But that was by no means the intention of those who rule us. First, they did not want to be revealed, and secondly, they knew how to lead nations through fear. Traditionally, when the leaders of a country have been domestically in political danger because of their own actions, they have skillfully created or highlighted an external threat. When citizens have been made to fear and even fight against that external threat, they have forgotten the deeds of their own leaders and even praised them as saviors after a war either won or lost. This is the basics of the exercise of power.

Now, when it came to this global scam and the danger of its revelation, what was needed was a great and creepy enemy that almost every citizen of the world could accept as their enemy. There was also a need for an inflamed situation that could be easily blown up in the eyes of the people as a real war that would cover up the health wars that had been waged in the minds of the people for the past two years. And because the rulers are men and women who know how to control the masses and secure their own position, they already had a suitable enemy in place and a situation, ehich was appropriately ready for full blown crisis. It only needed little provocation to explode into the eyes of the world through the media controlled also by our leaders.

We are good because the enemy is evil. We are right because the enemy is wrong. And we must destroy the enemy so that we can live well and be right. That’s the whole disease we all live in, friends and foes alike. Neither side will ever win, neither side will ever be absolutely good or bad, and the battle will remain on both sides after every war and conflict until our leaders provoke it to lead us astray again.

In this way, this world based on fear is swirling in place like electrons around the nucleus of an atom. They are swirling around their positive and negative counterparts, around plusses and minuses, just as we are swirling in our battle of good and evil, in our bondage of endless sorrow. In fact, the creative twist of matter is the same energy of freezing a wave of energy in place as when we are swirling our fears as standing waves of creation in our minds. Fear is the quality of matter that has thus captured our eternal mind. That is why we are all suffering, it is the beginning of all our sorrows and anxieties.

Fear never overcomes fear, that is, no action springing from fear can ever overcome another fear. Fears only feed each other and continue their futile struggle for supremacy that can never even be realized. Fear can never overcome Life Itself, not the eternal sea of Love in whose arms we are playing these games of limited fear and insignificant control. And we each play them just as long as we realize that fear in all its possible forms is incapable of ever facing itself. Fear cannot win a fear.

Understanding and experiencing this drops the individual into emptiness and loneliness, from which our jointly maintained horror seeks to protect us: “Don’t go there! Don’t even think about it! You go crazy or end up outside your community. Stay with us, believe in our common fears and let yourself be governed through them. Do not go away!”

Yet more and more people are seeing the fearful structures that dominate their world more and more blatantly as those who rule with fear are making convulsive efforts to get into the ultimate trap of their controlled fear before their own lies and fears are revealed. We live in the end times or in the end times of fear. And each of us alone must face our own fears or those through which the world has been able to rule us through fears and wars generated by them. It is precisely the fears and anxieties that each of us have so generously seen in those others that we now need to dig out of our own minds. The ones that have needed outer enemies to keep them and our own illnesses alive and well.

The madness, fear and anger of the whole world is in each of us together and individually. No one is worse or better than the other, but everyone has grown up in the same mistake of fear that is exploding in our eyes right now. Face your own fears, even the deepest ones, and free your world from the fear you have reflected on its willing surface. Free yourself from the shackles of your past and give your world and your loved ones complete freedom to free themselves or to maintain their captivity. That’s all.

Be all alone and find yourself equal to everything. Notice that you are the eternal Life Itself that is breathing us all. Notice that you are the eternal heartbeat of your heart, the one carrying everyone and everything. Note that you are free, even if you have imagined something else for a while. Notice Life Itself, you and me.