March 30

The new is the Good Old Life forming itself anew, reflecting itself in ever tightening spirals of creation. The new is the ever-increasing consciousness of Now reaching in the God of Life towards greater awareness of itself. The new is the light of the known eating up the darkness of the unknown, it is wisdom of Now conquering the neglect of ignorance of the Ages.

And still there is nothing new, for All is the Good Old God, All is the One and the Same seeing, becoming and observing more of the Same. The song of God changes and still remains the Same. The Sons of God change and still remain the Same.

All the images of the God are all the same, the same Old God clothed in all the possible – and eventually also in impossible – forms. All new is the Same old God reforming itself in the Now, even though the ultimate source of all forms – the formless mind of God – is the same in every moment of Eternity.

Forms of the Formless are forever New, whereas the Formless itself remains the Same. In the world of the “opposames” all the truths and all their opposites are true, and none of them are.

You and me are the Same Formless expressing itself through the forms that we have gathered in our souls and in our bodies. We are the Same forever New in this only creative moment of Now. We are the Same Old New Right Now!

The Good Old God of Now is in every single One of us, even in every single One of them, and in all other thinkable forms in every corner of all the possible Universes. We are all God Enough!