March 30

We are all Gods, all journeymen and -women of creation. When that realization is actualized in a human brain a completely new phase starts, a new unlimited life becomes available for us, as it has been all the time.

To be God, it is a brand new idea for most of us. We may have learned to love God or to fear God, but to be God, what the heck is that? If God is the All and Everything, the unbroken wholeness that most religions postulate, then all and everything within this Oneness has to be God as well, including you and me, for sure.

What does it mean to be God? It means conquering all the limited aspects of my human mind and ultimately cleaning my act to to a point where I see all and everything as a concrete part of myself. Seen from that sense you are also a part of my divinity, your response to these texts a divine message from God to God. Thank you for being God! Be blessed for the divine role you play!

If you can think of being “Just a Thought” you can for sure think of being ”The Master of Your Own Universe”. For a being who is ”Just a Thought” any thought is equally possible and equally available. They are all just thoughts, none of them better or worse, but all of them possible seeds of new worlds and experiences. You are free to play with them all, to see where they lead you, what kind of worlds they give rise to.

You see, if you see yourself as “just a thought”, if that becomes the ultimate truth of your being, then what is there to be afraid of? Why should a thought be afraid of any other thought? What could ever threaten a thought, kill it or otherwise maim it? What could ever be more or less than a thought, bigger or smaller than a thought?

That thought realized is quite an equalizer, much better than any mighty hand-gun can ever be! It also places all and everybody smack in the middle of their own Universe, we all get to recognize our true nature as the Master of Our Own Universe. In that pure moment of realization there are no others left to blame for the reality of my Life. In that Holy Moment of Now we are all free, all unlimited in our unbroken Creatorship within the holy process of Life.

This book is written from and for the awakening the Truth of our pure being. The Spiral of Life, the Creation itself is revealed through the experiences of one man as an example of all men and all women. “Know thyself” was once written on a temple in Delphi. What it really means to know oneself is yet to be revealed for most of us, for we are afraid of ourselves, afraid of our unconscious fears and demons. How could we ever know something that we are afraid of?

My tool for exploration has always been my own life. By revealing and conquering all my fears and demons one by one I make more and more room for the natural bliss of being, where I stand purified by the fires of honesty and simplicity, wholly innocent in my blessed divinity.  I am “Just a Thought” ruling over all the worlds that I can ever think of! But not over others of my kind, not over other Masters of their individual Universes. That’s bliss, that’s Love, our greatest dream come true!

Be God, my friend, be God to you!