March 30

A long time ago I read about an Englishman who was able to disperse clouds in the sky. There was a picture sequence in a book which showed how the cloud he concentrated on vanished from the heavens in a couple of minutes time. It was intriguing.

Maybe some ten years ago I started my own experiments with cloud blowing, as I call it. It did not take long before I was able to do it. The clouds actually dispersed on demand. I was doubly more intrigued, but did not give it any greater importance. It was just a trick that I could show to my friends.

Last summer I had been swimming in the pool with my second born son, who was seventeen then. We had played a rough came of trying to topple each other in the pool. I had lost most of the duels, as my son is definitely stronger and bigger than I. He lifts his dad up almost as he pleases. Only for a while was I able to withstand his might. It was fun!

Afterwards we stood by the pool rack facing the sea. The day was clear and beautiful, the sky dappled with smallish clouds of just the size that I had learned to blow away. I decided to show my trick to my son.

We selected a cloud. I made sure that we both knew what particular cloud I meant to blow away with my thought. And then I did it. Once, twice, thrice, whenever I decided that a cloud should disappear, it disappeared. We were both excited and I decided to teach my son how it is done.

I told him that the trick is to first see and choose the cloud, and then to decide in your mind that it is not there anymore. In that definite knowledge you look through the cloud, you look behind the cloud, and you only see the sky where there just a moment ago was a cloud.

When you do that the cloud starts to fall apart. It first becomes ragged and mottled as the sky appears through it like a shadow. And in a couple of minutes it is gone. It works every time when you truly know that it works, when you give it your total focus and knowingness.

It was time for my son to try it as well. We chose a cloud about the size of his fist as it is seen raised against the sky. The raised fist is just for the size, not for any emotion. You don’t need any emotion to blow away the clouds. Actually you cannot do it if you are emotionally aroused in any way whatsoever. You just need to know that you can do it.

My son started with his first cloud. I turned my back to him in order not to influence the outcome. After a moment he cries out: ”It’s only becoming bigger and bigger!” I turn around and soon realize that the cloud gets bigger when he focuses on it instead of the sky behind it. ” You give your energy to the cloud and naturally it grows bigger.” Then I blew away the particular cloud.

We choose another cloud for him. And this time it works. He does it. And he does it several times. We are both exhilarated. He because he had done something extraordinary that intrigued him and showed him more of his own might and I because I had been able to teach my trick to my son. It was mind blowing.

My son and I both knew that we had shared something important. This experience became a reference point in our further discussions about the challenges of life. The clouds became symbols for any problem or challenge we face in life and the sky became the symbol for the background out of which all our challenges arise.

First face the cloud of your mind, the challenge that bothers you. Face it and see it for what it is. Then – and only then – you are free to (dis)solve it, you are free to decide that it does not exist anymore. And if you do not give it any more energy through your focus, the problem is solved and it returns back to its Creator in Heavens like a cloud dissolving back into the sky.

To become God is to change your focus from the current problem of your life to the harmony of the Heavens in and around you that is the Source of them all. To become God is to face every cloud of your mind until only the sky of your mind remains. To become God is to know that you are the God of your own life, and then act accordingly. Be God, my son. Be God enough for yourself. Be the Source and create in unlimited Abundance.