A Godseed Sprouting "His Writing Is So Utterly Personal That It Becomes Universal"

Pastafarians, pirates and us – all the same!

September 13

Pastafarians, or those who carry a pasta strainer on their heads, believe that we all originate from pirates. They also believe that climate change takes place because the number of pirates has gone down, and they even have statistics to prove this. 

As I was feeling the full sweetness of my world in my rocking chair this morning, I realized the pastafarians were both right and wrong, just like people in general. They believe we used to be pirates, but actually we are still pirates, and that is why everything is messed up and we are about to destroy our whole planet, and surely ourselves at the same time.

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Space Is Everywhere – Even In You and Me

September 12

Space is the expanded room where everything takes place and everything is. Space is in you, even though it is momentarily delimited by the shapes, cells, and atoms of your body,. Space is where all your experiences take place and where you are. I am in the same space, also defined for the moment by the same physical racial, cultural, religious and cognitive borders of state. Only in space are we one, you and me, all one.

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We Use Power To Control Our Own Fears

September 3

Since hardly anyone in this world of deprivation feels they have got enough money or love, those basic elixirs of life, we use power to gain and control both of them. In this way, we govern relationships, families, associations, companies, parties, municipalities and kingdoms, as well as those transnational corporations and organizations that have power over all the others. All of them are led by people who yearn for more love, money and power, because they are still governed by their own black hole of lack. They have not got enough!

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Lack Is The Serpent of Our Paradise

September 2

I am the fullness of eternal life, the holy field of universe existing only in this present moment and everywhere. I am aware of the paradise, which once began the creation thus: In the beginning was the joy that sang and created…

I have traveled a long distance in my own illusions of lack, and fought to get from my peers all that I believed I was missing. I’ve longed for love, or what I am, ultimately. In my illusion of separation I have longed to be replenishment through another human being, though her body, her mind and her love. I have mirrored my own imaginary separation to those others, and thought that I could get from her or him what I feel like missing like the softness of a woman, the hardness of a man or something else worth longing. I have aimed at the moon in the sky :)🙂

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I am a blob of Life living as a human being. Just like you. A blob of Life that has chosen to experience its own creation in this toughest of all worlds, the Earth. And in order to experience this world of matter fully Life needs to clothe itself in the stuff of the Earth or create a body vehicle for itself. That is what you see, but that is not who I am.

My body is called Klaus Rahikainen. It was born in Helsinki, Finland. It has served me well through all of my adventures towards the point of remembrance, towards the moment when the Life that I am, and have always been, becomes realized in myself as a man. The moment when all the veils of human illusion are lifted and Oneness of Life is fully awakened in the mind, the soul and the body of a man. A Godseed has sprouted.

These pages contain the developing story of Life’s awakening in a man. The stories and insights with the heading “Just a Thought” give the background and the tools of awakening and the new postings describe the evolution of the new divine consciousness in a new world of wonder. It is all yours, just as it is all mine, in Life.