March 30

Once upon before time ever exited there was the One. The One was everything and nothing. It was all and everything, the all-encompassing wholeness yet to be realized, yet to be made known.

The One was formless, boundless potentiality of things to come. The One was, just as it has always been, the One and Only, fully filled by its own unlimited Being, the One.

Then upon the very first day of creation the One got curious about itself. It got fed up being just the One, and wanted to find out what else it could ever be, what else could be created from the hidden depths of it own being.

The One contemplated itself, focused its mighty presence upon its own being, and got impregnated by its very own thought, by the anticipation of things yet unknown. The One was ready for the Other.

The One was heavy with anticipation, it was filled with things, beings and worlds to come. The One was about to become more of what it had always been, the One.

Look, on the second day of creation the first ever thing, being or something arose right smack in the middle of the One. The first movement of the wholeness, the conscious focus that slowed down the vibration of its enormity, created the child of the One, the first point of creation in the forever wholeness of the One, the Other.

The One and the Other, they loved one another, they were fully conscious of their union in the One. And just as the One was all and everything at the same time, the Other as the child of its vastness was equally present in all the focus-points of eternity. The Other, the Child of the One, arose instantaneously in all the points of presence of the One.

The Other was everywhere, and everywhere was the same. The same old One filled with Other, with futures yet to come. The Other was fully conscious of the One, fully present in the Now.

The Other went here and there, it turned up and it turned down, and found not a thing as in the vastness of the One there were no directions to be found, there was nothing but the One.

The Other was bored. The Other was fed up being just the One, there needs to be something else, something more to be created. Having found that there were no avenues of creation outside of its own being the Other finally turned inwards – just as its great parent had once done – and focused all of its attention upon its very own being. There needs to be something else!

And lo and behold! Just as it could not take any more of the One, the Other burst inwards towards ever lowering spheres of vibration. This second act of creation, of inward focus, slowed down the enormous energies of One’s love for the Other. It was the birth of time, birth of ever ongoing individuation in the One. The Other spiraled away to all directions of space, which were simultaneously created by all the Others interacting with each Other.

In the immense presence of the One there are innumerable focus-points of its eternity, those Others diving ever further into the folds of time and space. Every Other has created for itself its own individual Universe, the One Verse of its own being. And every Other forever remains the creator of its own world, its own reality of and within the One.

None of the Others has ever crossed the limits of the One whatever they ever may have created. That’s because there are no limits to the One, there is no crime against the One that the beloved Others could ever commit. The One is forever All, the unbroken wholeness within which all creation always takes place.