March 30

My dear friend and companion in God. This morning I woke up with a new revelation. I knew how utterly important it is for me to be grateful for all and everything I have ever created. Just thinking that thought is like re-empowering my being, like letting all of my creative power return back to the core within me. It feels like a flow of energy returning back to its source from all the possible and impossible creative forms I had placed it out there in the world.

To be grateful for all that I have ever created feels like being the jubilant God embracing all of its Prodigal Children coming back for the long-awaited feast. Being grateful for all that I have created is taking all of my power back from all of those people, places, things, times and events that I through the eons of time have subjected my divine and all-mighty being. Being grateful for all of it brings old loops of creation back to their source within me and releases all energy that has been hanging stagnant in those unfinished experiences.

Being grateful for all of my old dreams brings them to wisdom and creates room and impetus for new dreams to come, for new worlds and visions to conquer. Being grateful for all that I have ever created puts me right back at the helm of my starship of forever adventure in the unlimited space of God.

It’s God to Be Greatful! It’s Great to Be Filled By God!