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Your Time is Up!

January 7


You have identified yourself far too long with bodies, structures, nations and ideologies that are all born to grow and then die in time. You are none of what you have cherished for so long! You are none of that which you have lived for, suffered for and died for! Your time as a time-bound being is up!

You have thought, believed and imagined that life is something that takes place between birth and death. You were born through the painful contractions of your mother, which forced you to leave your watery paradise, where you just got to enjoy life while all your needs were taken care of. But you lost that paradise and were pushed into a world of bright lights and uncertain hands. And you learned to be afraid as you could never be quite certain whether you needs would be taken care of as even the most caring parents had their bad or just clumsy moments with you. You were brought up to be uncertain. Read the rest of this entry »

Nothing Fancy About Truth

November 11

images-1Once upon time on a regular grey day I was walking along the main street of a nearby town. The day was cloudy, people were rushing about in their daily business while cars and buses were swishing back and forth. Everything was quite normal.

Then something happened or took place in my mind. Suddenly I felt like I was carried by millions of energy lines touching me from all the possible directions of space. I was buoyed in the bosom of something invisible, something beyond of what I saw and what my senses were bringing in. Read the rest of this entry »

I Met an Angel in The Mall

September 29

14088667_10210495144714941_6181408313608421071_nYesterday I was busy. I left three of our kids home while I took the fourth to her theatre rehearsal. I was planning to come straight back to the others even though it was 30 kms back and forth. But then I met an angel, which just smoothly changed my plans…

The angel was a friend of mine, who was sitting in a cafe planning a future love action in this same mall with his friend. I saw them and went to them directly and stayed put for almost 1,5 hours until it was time to fetch my daughter from the theatre rehearsal. Read the rest of this entry »

An Open Letter to My Friend

August 16

images-1I met you some years back in Damanhur, which is a commune, ecovillage, and spiritual community situated in the Piedmont region of northern Italy about 30 miles north of the city of Turin. Nearly a thousand people live there together in house-units spread over the mountainous area and maintaining most of the social features of life including their own schools and even their own money. I was there with my family exploring the commune to find out whether we would like to become part of it and you were on a pilgrimage after you had lost your company and your life as a successful executive. You had cycled all the way from Denmark without using any money and you intended to finish your trip in Rome. Damanhur was the first place on your trip that you needed to pay to get in. Read the rest of this entry »

Inner Humanity Camp – A New Profound Form of Communality

July 29

innerhumanity4engLast week I attended a five day course called Inner Humanity Camp http://innerhumanitycamp.com/tietoja/ created by six young people, who had been inspired by their own experience of sharing the whole of their humanity in deep trust and acceptance. In that state they had experienced a profound change of consciousness, which they intended to share with other people by organizing the Inner Humanity Camp. They succeeded in a miraculous way! Read the rest of this entry »

Beyond Pain

July 7

FlowerInYourPainCoverI wrote this post couple of days ago when my pain of being, pain of seemingly not living the life I was meant to be, was at its most intense. I wrote to see and to reveal myself to me, to reach beyond the pain that was consuming me. I wrote to get through the disappointment that has been a constant theme of my life. “There needs to be something else” was my driving force. And that something else was revealed to me the following night when I could not take the pain anymore. The pain opened up and gave way to life, to peace that has always been mine and yours as well, for sure. But to get there I needed to face my disappointment, the program that had been running my life until now. This is how I set about doing it: Read the rest of this entry »

Living My Dreams

November 2

Some of you may have wondered what has happened to me. Why has he not written anything for several months? The answer is that I have been busy living my dreams, or realizing that which I have envisioned in my writings.

My last post ”Yearning For My Love In You” from July was a crucial cleansing of my mind and soul from all yearning to meet someone who would love me. Through writing that piece I truly realized that love has always been in me, it is the life-force itself carrying me in all of my adventures. It is what I am. Read the rest of this entry »

A Dream Come True

February 17

Last week I visited the Finnish capital, Helsinki. I had with me a couple of my books, you know the “Just a Thought” that I released last November. I knew it is a good book, a book worthy of a wider audience than the one I alone can create for it. I also knew that there was somebody in that city waiting for me and my book, somebody who was drawing me towards him/her the way a fisher draws a fish hooked on his bait. Read the rest of this entry »

Michael the Knight – The Final Battle

July 7

Once upon a time there was a boy called Little Michael. He lived a long, long time ago right now in a faraway land just here. He was a son of a great knight who fought the dragons of the world all through his life. Dragon slaying was all that Michael’s father ever thought of – he killed many of those ferocious beasts – and appropriately enough he was eventually killed in the claws of a mighty dragon. Read the rest of this entry »


I am a blob of Life living as a human being. Just like you. A blob of Life that has chosen to experience its own creation in this toughest of all worlds, the Earth. And in order to experience this world of matter fully Life needs to clothe itself in the stuff of the Earth or create a body vehicle for itself. That is what you see, but that is not who I am.

My body is called Klaus Rahikainen. It was born in Helsinki, Finland. It has served me well through all of my adventures towards the point of remembrance, towards the moment when the Life that I am, and have always been, becomes realized in myself as a man. The moment when all the veils of human illusion are lifted and Oneness of Life is fully awakened in the mind, the soul and the body of a man. A Godseed has sprouted.

These pages contain the developing story of Life’s awakening in a man. The stories and insights with the heading “Just a Thought” give the background and the tools of awakening and the new postings describe the evolution of the new divine consciousness in a new world of wonder. It is all yours, just as it is all mine, in Life.