November 2

Some of you may have wondered what has happened to me. Why has he not written anything for several months? The answer is that I have been busy living my dreams, or realizing that which I have envisioned in my writings.

My last post ”Yearning For My Love In You” from July was a crucial cleansing of my mind and soul from all yearning to meet someone who would love me. Through writing that piece I truly realized that love has always been in me, it is the life-force itself carrying me in all of my adventures. It is what I am.

I was at peace and in that peace the following weekend I met a woman with whom we just got married a week ago. So, that’s what I have been doing during these past months, living a dream of meeting a partner in peace and in love that flows equally from within both of us, from the source that unites us all.

Another dream has also come to fruition. In February I wrote a piece ”A Dream Come True” about the day when I found a publisher for my book from Helsinki, Finland. I have now worked for a full nine months period of gestation with Basam Books and their editors. The fruit of this co-operation was published also a week ago during the Helsinki Book Fair as a book called ”Alussa on ajatus – kaikkeus sinussa itsessäsi” or ”In The Beginning Was Thought –  Universe Within Yourself”.

For the first time ever I have now a publisher behind me. (I have previously written and self-published 10 books in Finnish, Swedish and English.) And most importantly I have truly enjoyed forming my book together with a skillful editor. The end-result is much better than what I could have created on my own. Thank you Basam Books for allowing me to join Echardt Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Katie Byron, Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Krishnamurti and hundreds of others in their series called Viisas Elämä or Wise Life! Here’s a link to their website:

I have also continued living my dream on the farm I acquired last spring. I have harvested my biggest beetroots ever and enjoyed the horses, sheep, chicken and bees that have found their way to us. I have even fallen off a horse and fractured my shoulder-blade, which hardly anybody ever does. But I did!

So life goes on! I hope that you, my dear reader, are also enjoying the renewing currents around and within us all! Be blessed!