A Godseed Sprouting "His Writing Is So Utterly Personal That It Becomes Universal"

Crossing the Borders of My Pain

January 25

images-1There is a thick mist of pain surrounding my heart or my true loving essence. The pain hovers around my heart like a squadron of jet planes always ready to attack anybody coming too near to me. The pain is the guardian of my heart. Read the rest of this entry »

From Explosion to Implosion

January 24

imagesThe birth of my present body was a part of a controlled explosion of creation, which started from the realms far beyond this visible, touchable, audible, tastable or sensible world. An explosion of creation arising from sea of potentials carrying, energizing and embracing all of the created forms of all the Universes. This explosion is the one verse of All That Is ever branching into new forms of which my body is one within One, one of the same, one with All. Read the rest of this entry »


I am a blob of Life living as a human being. Just like you. A blob of Life that has chosen to experience its own creation in this toughest of all worlds, the Earth. And in order to experience this world of matter fully Life needs to clothe itself in the stuff of the Earth or create a body vehicle for itself. That is what you see, but that is not who I am.

My body is called Klaus Rahikainen. It was born in Helsinki, Finland. It has served me well through all of my adventures towards the point of remembrance, towards the moment when the Life that I am, and have always been, becomes realized in myself as a man. The moment when all the veils of human illusion are lifted and Oneness of Life is fully awakened in the mind, the soul and the body of a man. A Godseed has sprouted.

These pages contain the developing story of Life’s awakening in a man. The stories and insights with the heading “Just a Thought” give the background and the tools of awakening and the new postings describe the evolution of the new divine consciousness in a new world of wonder. It is all yours, just as it is all mine, in Life.