March 30

Have you ever wondered about whether there is something in you that always remains the same? And I do not mean your name nor your professional identity – they can be changed. I don’t mean your personality either – that can also change even though it seldom does. Nor do I mean your heartbeat, which mostly keeps on going back and forth like a pendulum, but can also stop for a while without greater damage done. What is there in you that never stops, that has never stopped? Or where does the movement of your heart originate? Is there an unmoving point of being hidden somewhere in yourself?

Numerous people have reported that while their body has died, or stopped all of its movement, their mind and their thoughts have kept on going nevertheless. There are many who have observed their own dead body laying on an operation table while the thinking part – whatever that is – of their being has floated freely in the same room, and even outside of it. During these ”out of body” -experiences these persons have obviously been alive while their body has been clinically dead. Only after the ”thinking part” of the person has for some reason made the decision to return to the body has it suddenly been awakened from the stupor of death. From this it is easy to conclude that the ”thinking part” is somehow vitally important for the body, maybe even the source from which the bodily movement originates.

My basic assumption is that whatever is possible for one human being must be an intrinsic potential for any other human being as well. That means that whenever one of us conquers any of his or her limits this feat by nature makes it easier for all the others to do the same. The simultaneous appearance of many different discoveries in widely differing cultures tells about this phenomenon as well as the observation of how new laboratory animals learn to solve the same labyrinth faster AFTER one group of animals has first done the feat. And those animals can be in different parts of the world without any physical means of communication. The learned abilities seem to propagate themselves in a field of knowledge intrinsically shared by all members of the same species. Some scientists call this the morphogenic field.

By this principle all feats of humanity – whether it is running a mile under 4 minutes, learning a new language, walking on glowing coals or traveling to the space – must be possible for any of us if we practice long enough with the necessary focused intent. If this principle is applicable in some fields of human endeavor it should also be applicable in ANY – however exotic – field of human enterprise.

If it is possible for some of us to intuit future events, it must be possible for me as well. If it is possible for some of us to recover from a deadly disease, it must be possible for me as well. If it is possible for some of us to actually see the spiritual aspects of a human being, it must be possible for me as well. If it is possible for some of us to free themselves from the emotionally burdensome heritage of their past, it must be possible for me as well. Or – everything is possible if I apply the necessary focused attention for creating it in my mind, my body and my world. Wow! Where have all the limits gone?

There is also another important aspect to this kind of thinking. When applying it to my daily life the experiences of other human beings also become important for me, their feats with their own limits become relevant for me as they open up new vistas for my own further development. Whenever you conquer any of your limitations in whatever form you also open up my mind and my world for new wider realities. We are all actually together in this world, all of us a part of a Living Whole.

So, returning back to where we started, the ”out of body” -experiences seem tell us all that our thinking mind survives death. Our thoughts are thus of a higher hierarchy of life than our body, they existed even after our body had died. And there are equally many descriptions of life before birth, of spirits preparing their entry into their chosen bodily vehicle in this material world of ours. So our thoughts seem to exist both before and after our physical life. Maybe they are the actual reality from which our bipolar world of opposites is created forming the well known swinging movement; back and forth, back and forth?

We have all surely observed the volatile character of our thoughts, they seem to exist in an ever ongoing movement. They just keep on creating new realities and experiences for us seemingly unperturbed by anything whatsoever that happens. Nothing seems to be able to stop them. Maybe they are the actual perpetual motion that has been so cleverly hidden in plain sight? Maybe our thoughts are the key and connection to eternal life we have sought for?

For is it not always ”Just a Thought” that first arises from somewhere into the receptacle of our mind thus making us conscious of a new thought and new possibilities waiting for us when this thought is applied as a key into the still unknown worlds around us? Without our conscious focus upon ”Just a Thought” nothing would ever happen. We create all our worlds and experiences by applying a thought, any thought. Our thoughts are the creative wands of magic, everything arises from them through our commanding focus and intent. Quite a feat!

So our invisible, tasteless and unattainable thoughts are actually extremely important for us, they are the core around which all of our human experiences are built upon. Wow! What a thought!

There are obviously also thoughts that have been so deeply ingrained into the structure of our being that we hardly recognize them as such anymore. By repeating a reaction long enough it becomes an unconscious part of our being. This applies to actions like walking, which for a healthy person has through childhood repetition become a mostly unconscious set of muscular movements, but is equally valid for any emotional experiences that through repetition are gradually ingrained into the structures of our unconscious mind. These constructs of thought have thus become more like instinctual reactions to similar stimuli. Their original nature as simple thoughts has been covered up by the blindly repetitive action of the physical entity that we as a spirit inhabit.

These unconscious thought-patterns rule our life through emotional survival instincts that govern our behavior both as individuals and as groups. For the sake of the survival of the fittest – meaning ourselves and our nation, our religion and our business – we just do cruel and ugly things without thinking about their actual consequences. We have become practically blind for those of our own reactions that have been created through repeated traumatic experiences.

We are by our fearful nature inclined not to look into the dark corners of the unconscious mind where our painful memories are stored because we are afraid to repeat them. Unfortunately fear of something is like a magnet, it draws to us experiences similar to those that we have suppressed into our unconscious mind. So by being afraid of something I actually call out for that particular kind of experiences. I am trapped to it by my fear of it.

Our inclination to ignore our painful memories has created also a layer of denial of them, which makes it all the more difficult to accept the original painful memories that keep on flashing like a beacon in our unconscious mind calling to us all those people, places, things, times and events that can awaken those emotions again. Once awakened they can be faced, met and released from the prison of the unconscious, where their upkeep consumes an enormous amount of our life-force gradually creating physical symptoms of sickness to tell us that there is something hidden on the emotional level of our being. Thus the unconscious always works for the benefit of the whole, we are just often incapable to take heed of its message and release the imprisoned thoughts of our past. That is because they have left a residue of solidified thoughts that we have accepted as an integral part of our being and identity.

But do you really want to be a robot, a blindly mechanical repeater/denier/slave of your emotional experiences? Do you really want to loose your freedom of choice for the blind comforts of repetitive reactions to old and overused thoughts?

Don’t you want to see who you really are? Are you your reactions? Are they your deepest identity? Or are you the creator and experiencer of your reactions, the invisibly moving will behind them all? If you identify with your reactions you become a slave to them. If on the other hand you identify yourself with the invisible spirit experiencing all of this you become their creator, the master of your own thoughts and reactions. In the first case you are powerlessly entangled in the world wide webs of your past reactions, in the latter you have the power to change it all, to think something else.

There are many thoughts hidden in plain sight, hidden behind your reactionary attitudes and actions, behind those truths, beliefs and habits that you cherish as your own. Don’t you want to reveal yourself to you, to see what you truly are behind those thoughts that have been solidified as reactions to become a part of your emotional armor? Do you still want to live and die for those dead thoughts of your own past? Aren’t you yet bored stiff living a half-life of a mechanical robot, of loosing the elasticity of your mind and body for the stagnant truths of your past? Aren’t you tired yet? For if you are, if you can admit that to yourself, you are just about to free yourself, to free the vitality of your life-giving and life-creating thoughts.

Any thought is ”Just a Thought”, something that you as its creator and conscious carrier can change whenever you want, whenever you have got enough of the experiences that it has created for you. This fulfillment of an experience happens in an instant of realization, you just get enough of a past thought, and drop it like you drop a used paper napkin. No pain, no regret, just an empty contentment of the mind for new creative thoughts to enter. It is so simple when all our thoughts are seen just as they are, as seeds of creative experiences that we are free to use just as we want in these unlimited universes arising from ”Just a Thought” behind them all.

I trust that you have experienced the release of energy or Life-Force that takes place whenever you have been able to let go of a thought that has burdened your mind and thus made your body sick. It is as if the release of a constricting thought would allow the body to bounce back to its natural vital state and form. This happens almost immediately when the burdensome thought is identified and released causing spontaneous healing of your body. It is a practical miracle directly caused by the release of ”Just a Thought”.

Seen from another angle this means that it was ”Just a Thought” that made you sick in the first place. Those thoughts of ours are truly powerful entities. They are the creative children of our mind, the seeds of our being that have the power to influence both our body and our world. But we need to be clear in our mind that we are the creator of every single one of our thoughts. We are the thinker that has always the right to choose to carry a thought and to follow it through the experiences that come in its wake. As the thinker of our thoughts we are obviously greater than any of our thoughts, greater than anything that has ever arisen from our thoughts, from those divine seeds of creation.

You are the thinker of them all, the invisible entity behind all of your thoughts. Your divine will rules over all and every thought, their destiny is created by you, and by you only. You may as well be ”Just a Thought” of God, but as such you have the divine creative ability to stop a thought and to create a holographic model or standing wave of it in your mind. By focusing upon this image you are able to realize and to give material form to your thoughts.

This is the famous ”Law of Attraction” in action, which basically says that whatever is held in the sacred temple of your divine mind will be directly reflected by your outer world and reality. This intrinsic ability to create is not bound by any so called qualities or attributes of the images we hold, it does not matter if they are good, bad, ugly or beautiful. For the divine mind in us they are all just plain images that shall be projected as such on the screen of our world and reality. Anything goes, and every thought becomes a reality in the nonjudgemental love of God for its own children. We actually get everything we hold onto in the sacredness of our mind.

If I hold on to my thoughts of unworthiness, lack and limitation they will create my reality. If I hold on to my thoughts of abundance, love and freedom they will become my reality in the same natural manner of creation. For the God that loves our thoughts to realization it does not matter whether our thoughts are conscious or unconscious. They will be realized, and actually the unconscious thoughts have always the right of way to creation, as they are the thoughts that we have already accepted fully and given for the unconscious God within to realize. So, if there exists a set of two opposing thoughts in our mind the one accepted by the unconscious mind is the one that will be realized first. Meaning that if we consciously strive to love but carry in our consciousness any fears – or negations of love, those negative fears will be first brought up and realized by our mind. Only after they have been faced can the visions of love that we carry be brought fore to be realized in their turn.

Both conscious and unconscious thoughts are realized by attracting to us people, places, things, times and events that personify and amplify those thoughts so that they can be seen, heard, touched, felt and experienced completely. When the circle of understanding has been completed through a full experience of a particular thought, the wisdom gained enhances and enlarges the stage of our mind to receive new thoughts as new seeds for further experiences of creation. The spiral of Life goes on to reveal ever new exciting worlds and possibilities hidden in the plain sight because of ”Just a Thought”.