May 21

1I am one of the original pulses of spiraling creation arising from the center-point of focus right smack in the centre of God. I am one of infinite answers to God’s primal question: Who am I? My whole descent down the ladder of ever slowing vibration is an ongoing answer, a definition of what God is. I am a God’s thought finally expressing itself as matter in a material world, I am Love itself learning to express itself also in a human form, also through the almost deadly stillness of material vibration of the body.

I have filled the net of my mind with fish of my experiences, I am burdened by all the wisdom of my experiences; I need to take my catch back to God, to report back to the Source from where I once started my journey so that creation can start a new round enriched by all that I have learned on my long sojourn into forgetfulness. I am ready to return back to God. Read the rest of this entry »