May 21

1I am one of the original pulses of spiraling creation arising from the center-point of focus right smack in the centre of God. I am one of infinite answers to God’s primal question: Who am I? My whole descent down the ladder of ever slowing vibration is an ongoing answer, a definition of what God is. I am a God’s thought finally expressing itself as matter in a material world, I am Love itself learning to express itself also in a human form, also through the almost deadly stillness of material vibration of the body.

I have filled the net of my mind with fish of my experiences, I am burdened by all the wisdom of my experiences; I need to take my catch back to God, to report back to the Source from where I once started my journey so that creation can start a new round enriched by all that I have learned on my long sojourn into forgetfulness. I am ready to return back to God.
All of my sins, my deviations from the divine perfection of God, have been necessary. They have been my tool of creation, the way to find ever new answers to God’s only question: Who am I? All the answers we have ever created and given have been equally right, equally within the vastness of God’s limitless sphere. None of us has ever fallen outside of what God is, none of us has ever found total separation from God, which has been a dream dreamt within God’s vastness, within God’s all accepting Love. All is God, all is Love and all is One. Even you and me!

The way back starts when you get tired to the endless back and forth of Good/Bad in the swing of your material world. There truly are no satisfying answers anywhere in this divided world of matter, this world is divided and cannot as such give you anything better than what it is itself. If the swing of good and bad has no answers that couldn’t turn to lies the very next day, if the movement between the opposites cannot give you the peace and joy you are looking for, why don’t turn towards the still point of power from which the whole swing is hanging from? Why don’t you turn towards God within, towards the holy divinity that has carried you through all of your adventures of forgetfulness you have needed to descent all the way into the world of matter? That is the only way, the way back to God where all of your experiences can be seen and understod as necessary in creating our own individual answer to God’s creative question: Who am I?

You as God have descended into matter through an ever widening spiral of creation. You have reached the dead end of your spiral, where you should not push through to the other side of deathly stillness of matter, where the demons reside. The demons are beings like you who have chosen to cross the natural borders of creation and have thus reached into the negative world beyond the natural world of God’s creation. There they are not anymore anchored into their own God-source within, they are not nourished by Life itself, and thus they have become suckers of Life-force who prey upon beings foolish enough to engage in their game of endless struggle for power, or for Life-Force. That’s the very game played also by the leaders of our world who have sold their divine souls to those dark forces residing beyond the borders of matter. Seeing the results of that deadly game all around us in this beautiful but ravaged Earth obviously tells us that is not the way to go!

The way to go is to release all the weighing sins keeping you imprisoned in this murky world of matter. To become conscious of all the dark and heavy thoughts and emotions that you carry within the energy-field of your divine being. They were all needed to weigh you down so that you reached the heavy world of matter, so that you eventually could conquer it. The thing is that the matter that you yourself have created has for a while conquered your divine self, this state of enslavement will last just as long as you choose to identify with the things and worlds that you have created instead of identifying with the Creator within out of which all creation always flows.

2So be conscious while living your spiraling life, it is giving you ever new opportunities to release all the fears and sorrows weighing you down into the denseness of this material world. One by one you can face them and see them for what they are, one by one they can be released and your being will get lighter and lighter by every release until one day you have regained your natural divinity, you have returned back to God with a net filled with wonderful experiences. They have all turned into wisdom when they were seen with eyes of God, with your own true eyes. You are then a living answer to God’s urgent question echoing through all the universes. You are then a part of a new round creation based on profound wisdom gathered from your completed descent into the heart of matter.– Ain’t that good fun for a change?