February 9

I woke up to a wonderful peace yesterday. Nothing bothered me and none of the usual thoughts of stress or worry were swirling in my mind. Everything was so simple and true. I had arrived.

I got out of bed, did my morning chores, and described that spacious experience with the following words:

“Once you have broken the slippery and cold ice of your momentary fears, you will fall into the warm and peaceful ocean of your love.”

That’s it! That’s all I have ever missed, all that a human being needs. In the lap of this peaceful presence all my mundane chores then took place easily and effortlessly. I had arrived and the endless incompleteness of my world no longer bothered me in any way. It’ was all over over…

I worked all day in this state, in its ease and innocence. I was ready. But in the evening, after eating a tasty meal, I slipped through a moment of slackening back from my ocean of love onto the thin ice of my fears and worries. I just grabbed some fragment of restless fear swirling in my mind and let it cover the infinite ocean of my love.

This has happened many times before, meaning I have rushed back from the warm ocean of my love onto the icy surface of my fears. I have recognized the innocence and freedom that prevailed beneath the ice, and flirted with a moment of bliss until I once again clung to some fragment of fear and thus recreated the ice cover of my fears. But after many repetitions, the ice has grown thinner, so that one day there’ll be only the happy ocean of love, from the surface of which all the fragments of fear have melted away.

The first falls were drastic and revolutionized my world, for the change at that time was comparatively great and impressive. But gradually it has become easier for me to choose the warmth of love before the icy coldness of fear has become easier and more effortless, because of my remembrance that love is the true state of my being, and fear, in turn, is love merely frozen for a moment, an imagined obstacle for who I am.

The the ocean of love is warm and wonderful, although when viewed from the icy surface it seems chillingly cold, dark and empty. Love carries everything and also the fearful ice floating on its surface, those fearful structures of our mind. In the beginning was love and always will be, and all the icy structures of our fearful intellect are only a momentary mistake in the eternal bosom of love.

The ices of fear are melting. The spring of life is here, it is in you and me now, and always!