March 6

I was born human to get rid of all the shackles of time and matter, to die for all those imaginations that hold my eternal life captive in this escape room of fear called human life. I was born into human form to die from it and to leave it completely without any karmic imaginations of right and wrong, or of a better life sometime in future.

I was born here to unravel the tangle of time I have wrapped around my eternal being, the imaginations upon which this frightening reality continues from one holy and free moment to another. I have come here to reveal the veil of fear under which I once hid during my journey of creation and for a moment I was captivated by my this exciting play.

I have come here to die, to let go of all that binds my eternally loving being to the temptations and fantasies of this temporal delusion. I have come to die for this madness of momentary life, to which I erred to bind my eternal joy for a moment. I have come to finish this game called human life.

I am like a shooting star flashing through the sky of time and matter and flying through its closed reality into the eternal innocence and love ultimately carrying it as well. I have come to show the way out of this labyrinth of matter and sorrow, the escape room of fear. I have come to show that the freedom we long for is possible, but never through the dichotomous means of good and evil of this world. Never.

I have come to finish the human play, to die to all that binds me to time and mattere, to family, to culture and language, to struggle. I have come to point to beyond all that we know, where Life Itself pulsates in me and in you, but never in the sand castles of matter that we so eagerly construct on the shores of the ocean of eternity. To those momentary creations we give greater value and significance than to Life, and for them we live and die, thinking that our struggle is somehow important or meaningful. We are mistaken and the whole world we imagine is one big mistake that ends the moment I dare to see it as it is and not as I wish it to be. The times of wishful thinking are over.

I have come here to complete all my imaginations, to die for all time and all thoughts arrogantly hoping to enhance the great miracle of the universe or Life Itself, with its own fearful needs of control. It’s all the same whether I want to control my spouse, my child, my family, my business, my party, my country, or even all of humanity. In any case, all my desire to control stems from fear, or from the sad and erroneous assumption that I am alone against everyone else and the whole world. From this grows the whole human reality with its battles and wars, and I have come to finish it all.

But I can only die to my own madness and to my own distressing fantasies. I cannot and will not lead you anywhere, for you must live your own life and dispel your own fears and madness once you have had enough of them. Thank you and thank all of you who have done your best to help me to see all the roots of my madness and all the bars of thoughts and feelings behind which I, just like you, had captured my eternal joy and love for a moment.

Thank you for traveling with me for a while. From now on, I have to go on alone, for each of us has to step alone into the unknown and die to all the old in order to be born again and to step from imagination to reality, from delusion to eternal, and from fear to love. Goodbye, my dear friend and companion. Everything is ready!

No regrets. It’s all over now, the life that I thought I knew. I am free…