November 11

images-1Once upon time on a regular grey day I was walking along the main street of a nearby town. The day was cloudy, people were rushing about in their daily business while cars and buses were swishing back and forth. Everything was quite normal.

Then something happened or took place in my mind. Suddenly I felt like I was carried by millions of energy lines touching me from all the possible directions of space. I was buoyed in the bosom of something invisible, something beyond of what I saw and what my senses were bringing in.

At the same time I felt an enormous sense of gratitude towards everything and everyone around me. I felt the love that was in all the beings around me, the love and care that had built the houses and vehicles around me during hundreds of years, and made this moment possible. I was a part of the whole, I was whole.

This moment of truth happened in time, but was not of time. It was from beyond any of my senses, beyond my body. It was Life Itself coming through, reaching me at a moment when my fearful guard against it was down for a moment. It was Life Itself carrying me as always and allowing me to experience it freely just as I want. What do I want now that I know that truth is carrying me independent of any of my bodily sensation? Where do I want to be?