January 7


You have identified yourself far too long with bodies, structures, nations and ideologies that are all born to grow and then die in time. You are none of what you have cherished for so long! You are none of that which you have lived for, suffered for and died for! Your time as a time-bound being is up!

You have thought, believed and imagined that life is something that takes place between birth and death. You were born through the painful contractions of your mother, which forced you to leave your watery paradise, where you just got to enjoy life while all your needs were taken care of. But you lost that paradise and were pushed into a world of bright lights and uncertain hands. And you learned to be afraid as you could never be quite certain whether you needs would be taken care of as even the most caring parents had their bad or just clumsy moments with you. You were brought up to be uncertain.

And as all the people around you – parents, teachers, grandparents, neighbors and employers – had similar doubtful and fearful experiences about life they together helped you to become independent, self-centered and egoistic like them as that seemed to be the only way to guarantee your individual survival. Thus you together with equally messed up people around you created this world, where everybody lives only to guarantee his or her own individual satisfaction and survival. Where everybody suffers in and for his individual bubble of survival, which can never protect her from the eventual death in the end. You live in a constant state of suppressed fear of death, which causes your life to become a miserable fight for survival, where you are bound to fail one day. What a fearful way to live! And all of it for just a minor case of mistaken identity.

Your life in time is a timeline between birth and death. It is a delicate and precarious experience of life in a body, which can actually come to death any time, even right now! – Sorry, if I scared you, but that is a fact! Can you see how you build and maintain your individual life like an arched bridge leading over un unfathomable abyss of something unknown, which has been sealed away from you by your fear of death, your fear for the unknown from which you were once born and into which you shall once die? Can you see how your life is actually created by your fear of the unknown and of death as its guardian angel? How your life becomes a constant struggle for survival, which you are just bound to lose anyhow? How you truly have lost your marbles and are fighting a losing battle?

How about something else, my dear friend? How about solving this mess of human misery? How about solving this time-bound mystery of human suffering? Are you ready? Have you got enough of the mess that you have been creating? How about seeing the mistake that you have made and choosing another identity and focus, which can create life of utter joy, love and harmony? How about being eternal instead of being a time-bound miserable human being? There is a choice! And it is yours right now!

Your human life is made of clever schemes that are supposed to lead you to love, joy and happiness. And as they are time-bound they are all bound to fail, eventually. You surely remember your childish belief that when you become an adult everything will be fine, or that Christmas will bring all that you ever hoped for, or that when you get your studies done life will open up for you, or when you get the job you have dreamed of, or the wife or husband that shall fulfill your deepest dreams. Or or or… Waiting for the life that never comes…

This life in waiting is utterly futile. And as it is all that you have learned, all you think that you’ve got, you still fight ferociously for that life suspended upon the abyss of the fearful unknown. For the only life that you know…

But what if you were just mistaken, that you just took a wrong turning or made a bad choice somewhere along your journey through the mists of time? That your identification with time and with time-bound structures like bodies, houses, cars, societies, nations and ideologies is the cause of your miseries and not the solution for your fears for survival that you thought they were. Do you dare to see that? Do you dare to see that all you cherished so dearly and fought so bitterly for is mere dust blowing in the wind? Sand to be played with by the ocean and then to be left behind?

In your time-bound ignorance you are constantly planning for something great, good, joyful and loving to happen tomorrow, day after tomorrow or at least next year or next decade or whatever… You are hanging in a snooze of time living a fearful life before death comes in the end. What a waste! Of time:)

So finally, who are you if you are not that miserable time-bound creature you thought you were? What is there beyond your fearful time? What is the unknown allowing you to play these petty games of time? Who are you?

Can you see your own fearful timeline extending from your birth to your death? Can you see the timelines of your nearest and dearest, your neighbors and of everybody else around you extending in a similar manner beside you? All of them fighting for their lonely survival, and all of them eventually losing their battle… That’s life. Or is it?

Have you ever felt and experienced the vast oneness of all Life? Have you ever through meditation, lovemaking or some other experience opened to that which is beyond your fearful identification with time-bound life? Have you ever been one with all that is? That vast oneness is Life! It is an eternal field uniting all individual lives through this holy moment of Now! And it is extending sideways to your fear-bound timeline to all directions of space. You can reach this moment of holy now through a kind of soft focus, which allows your timely fears to blur while extending your vision towards the eternal all around you.

You can only be in the Now when you stop playing your games of time, of past and future, where your thoughts are so used to wander. Actually by weaving your thoughts constantly back and forth between the illusory realities of your past and future you keep the Holy Now away from your mind and consciousness. You keep yourself imprisoned in time. What a shame!

Let your most painful moments, when actually the Holy Life in you is most fed up being imprisoned by your thoughts, be the moments when you surrender to Life Itself that has always been knocking on the door of your consciousness. Moments when you realize the futility of your lonely endeavor to survive life without facing death and the unknown. Moments when you stop weaving your thoughts back and forth in time, and allow the Holy Now to take over and to reveal to you your true identity as Life Itself.

As the eternal Life Itself you have no worries while playing with the sand of matter by this ocean of forever birth and death. As Life Itself there is just love, joy and happiness to extend to whoever or whatever comes around. As Life Itself all is Life and all is you, and you are willing and free to love all that there is. That’s Life! That’s what you are! And have always been, Life Itself!