February 17

Last week I visited the Finnish capital, Helsinki. I had with me a couple of my books, you know the “Just a Thought” that I released last November. I knew it is a good book, a book worthy of a wider audience than the one I alone can create for it. I also knew that there was somebody in that city waiting for me and my book, somebody who was drawing me towards him/her the way a fisher draws a fish hooked on his bait.

I started walking. I stopped in every street corner waiting until I was sure in my being which way I would proceed. I trusted my inner knowingness. Eventually I came to the door of one of the major publishing houses in Finland, went in and found somebody who had some time to spare to meet me. She took my book in her hand, listened to what I had to say and glanced through it. Then she said that this book is for another company, which is known to specialize in spiritual books. She was so certain because she had previously worked for that other company.

I listened to her advice, thanked her and called the owner of the other company. I had been a bit shy contacting him, because during the past 25 years I had gone to him several times telling that now I have the book he has been waiting for. I was not quite sure whether he would listen to me anymore.

But we agreed to meet the same afternoon, and after an almost two hours discussion with him and two of his colleagues, we agreed that I translate, or rewrite, my book “Just a Thought” in Finnish before the end of March this spring, and they publish it during the coming autumn. I had hit the jackpot!

The only uncertainty that was left was whether I still could write in my mother tongue as I had for the past 15 years spoken and written both in Swedish and in English much more than in my own language. I started the job straight away, and found that the Finnish language had not left me. It still flows through me with ease! I am off…

A funny thing had happened when I had sold a copy of “Just a Thought”. The buyer said that the book should be given to all young people at the threshold of adulthood. They would get important insights into their world and into their own minds. That made me remember an old dream of mine. Over 25 years ago when I started writing I dreamed of writing a handbook of life, a book I myself would have hoped to read when I took my own first steps into adulthood. I had finally written that book! My dream had come true!

Thank you, all of my loving friends – wherever you may be – for helping me to realize my dream!

PS. The photo was taken when I together with my daughter boarded the ferry back home to Åland islands. It also tells the same story!