September 3

Since hardly anyone in this world of deprivation feels they have got enough money or love, those basic elixirs of life, we use power to gain and control both of them. In this way, we govern relationships, families, associations, companies, parties, municipalities and kingdoms, as well as those transnational corporations and organizations that have power over all the others. All of them are led by people who yearn for more love, money and power, because they are still governed by their own black hole of lack. They have not got enough!

We also control our spouses, and in most relationships one dominates and the other submits, or those roles of power are exchanged and both are allowed to enjoy the sweetness of power. Very rarely do two people meet as equals, that is, powerless in relation to each other. Then both take care of their own lives and well-being and allow the other to do the same. They can enjoy the sweet sharing of the natural joy that arises from self governed individuals.

In our families, those patterns are the same, but only more complex as children and even grandparents belong to them. But still someone rules, or at least wants to rule, and others submit in the name of family peace. And, of course, benevolent parents control the lives of their children by setting wise boundaries and creating like a gentle lap where they can grow at their own pace and in their own independent power. There are not very many of these benevolent parents, as most of us are so trapped in our own games of power that, unfortunately, we are unable to teach our children anything else. Thus the struggle for power continues, and it is always frightening and grows out of fear.

Our whole world is one game of power, where those who think they know try to make those others they deem ignorant to act the way the leaders want. As long as those others abide to my rules I as a leader, politician, police officer, or other chief, I can be content. The eager obedience of those others keeps my own ultimate insecurity in check, and thus I don’t have to face my own fears. Through the domination of others I seek safety from my own insecurity, from my own subliminal fears.

We threaten and intimidate those under our control, whether they are our spouses, our children, our citizens or whoever. We threaten them with our own fears, that is, we project our hidden fears on those poor people and even, in extreme cases, we crush them so that we don’t have to face our own, deeply buried fears. In this way, our power is frightening and by no means the benevolent and protective power that it can be. In that case the one who sees and understands something more broadly helps and supports his fellow travelers – like a good parent his children – only towards ever greater independence and freedom. Such an exercise of power would be possible, but unfortunately it very rarely takes place in our fearful world.

The corona pandemic, inflated by the media, politicians and others who use fear to gain and maintain power, is an extreme example of dictatorial and fear-based use of power. The whole campaign has progressed quite in line with the ultimate trick of classical sales doctrine; first raising people’s deepest fears, in this case the fear of death, and then offering them the pre-planned political and economic actions that those in power had prepared to rule the ignorant citizens.

No one ever has enough power, it’s like a drug with no limits. That is why some minds have matured a desire to control the whole world, and it is this plan that is being implemented under the guise of the corona. Power must be concentrated into ever fewer and fewer hands, and ultimately to just a few supranational companies for which no nation or any life really matters. It’s a slow but satisfying orgasm of world conquest, enjoyed by the designers of this show, who are surely amazed how easily we succumb to the realization of their wet dreams, and become mere pawns on the great Monopoly board of world conquest. The purpose of that game is to beat other players and get all the wealth into your own hands, which is exactly what is happening in our world…

When I was playing Monopoly as a kid, I always found it merely boring to win, because then I could only wait until everyone had visited my hotels, and gone bankrupt. I won and the shared fun was over. What is going to happen to those who imagine winning this game of Monopoly currently being played on the game board of our dear Earth? What is left if those few win and all nations, all citizens and all Life lose? It will definitely get boring, too 🙂

Someone can throw out these thoughts by calling them conspiracy theories, which is a common term for everything these rulers wouldn’t want you to think, as well as a bunch of pretty crazy stuff that they too associate with conspiracy theories. Since some of them are nutty, then all the other forbidden ideas are that as well – that is the desired logic.

But we all have our own conspiracies, that is, our own private dreams and wishes that we would like to realize at the expense of the world, or at least in the world. We all work for our own private goals in the family as well as in our businesses and other communities. They all have their own conspiracies or agendas, “against” the rest of the world. So why wouldn’t the supranational corporations, banks, and other organizations have their own agendas to help them gain as much power as possible in this world of ours? That is quite normal in this reality focused on power struggle! Everybody wants to win! – Whether it is loving and wise and promotes the common well-being of everyone is another question!

The terrifying authority of fear will end only when I am no longer afraid, when I have faced all of my own subconscious fears and therefore I no longer need to subject others in order to conceal my own fears nor to submit to the others to keep the same subconscious fears in check. When I subjugate others, I can blame them for bringing out my fears when theydo not behave as expected. Likewise, when I submit, I can blame my subjugator when my fears always end up coming up anyhow. As long as someone else is seemingly the cause of my happiness or unhappiness, I will remain a slave and a powerless prisoner of my own fears, an easily seduced puppet to be led wherever the authorities will.

Face your own fears. It is possible and it is necessary, and the only real opportunity for change in our crazy world, which is currently drifting into the chasm of ever-intensifying public and private fears. All of this exists so that you as The Sleeping Beauty of your own life can awaken from your own fears and eventually take the place you deserve as the sole creator and ruler of your own reality. Only fearless and innocent people can ever see all of our fellow travelers as peers and equals. Only in the miraculous and eternal arms of Life Itself are we all one, we are the fearless Oneness of Life in everything and everywhere.