September 2

I am the fullness of eternal life, the holy field of universe existing only in this present moment and everywhere. I am aware of the paradise, which once began the creation thus: In the beginning was the joy that sang and created…

I have traveled a long distance in my own illusions of lack, and fought to get from my peers all that I believed I was missing. I’ve longed for love, or what I am, ultimately. In my illusion of separation I have longed to be replenishment through another human being, though her body, her mind and her love. I have mirrored my own imaginary separation to those others, and thought that I could get from her or him what I feel like missing like the softness of a woman, the hardness of a man or something else worth longing. I have aimed at the moon in the sky :)🙂

After all, we’ve all reached the other for some moments, at least during an transient bliss of an intercourse. And we have supported and have been supported, conquered and defeated. We have cared for and been cared for, but never has that serpent of want or scarcity left our paradise. For we have fought to dominate the moment, that is, for the right to decide whose lack is to be addressed and supplemented. No one has ever overcome their lack, but everyone has fought with each other for their own lack and shortcomings. That is why a valley of sorrow and anxiety has grown out of our paradise…

Paradise is a wholly intact and innocent mind. It is the creative Universe Itself penetrating all of us, the one who supports everything and everyone in love. The serpent of lack was born in our paradise, once a long time ago, when we the children of Life Itself created the scarcity and then set out to reach for its correction. That sense of lack arose from an experience of inadequacy and distressing sense of isolation, which in turn arose from our own adolescent rebellion, or desire to be something other or better than Life itself. The lack was our own imagination of separateness in the lap of the infinity of our loving universe.

The lack was a serpent that seduced us into creating our own knowledge, truth, and reality instead of acknowledging the vast perfection of our loving parent. The lack was expressed as “I myself!” or “I want to do it my way!” and has created this world of scarcity. A therapist friend of mine said some time ago that people only have worries about money and love, nothing else.

Most often we are concerned about the lack of money, that is, the fact that we feel that we have too little money to fulfill all our needs and dreams. Or we are concerned about managing our riches properly in order not to feel lack. Deprivation in either case… And for some strange reason both the poor and the rich suffer from the same endless deprivation and are never fully satisfied no matter how little or how much money they have. The lack will not go away!

We are also concerned about the lack of love, that is, that for some reason we do not get love from another who was supposed to give it to us. I yearn for his love, or at least for someone’s love. Love is always there in the other, it is out there… Who then loves? How could we needy ones love anyone? How could I give what I am missing? And when we give something in the name of love, which most often means the union of bodies, then is it really about love or something else?

We all live in an imagined world of lack in the midst of the endless abundance and love of Life Itself. That is why we have created a world lacking in money and love, which we then try to shape and organize together, without ever really succeeding. Lack is and will remain just as long as you bear it in your mind, as long as you believe in it. Lack is hidden in your faith and desire for better, which implies lack! It is keeping the paradise of boundless love away from you perfect accordance to the hidden desires of your mighty and creative mind.

Change your mind i.e. remove the serpent of lack from your mind’s paradise. Then you will find that you already are in your paradise and that all your shortcomings were merely products of your own distressing, scary and addictive imaginations. Everything is ready and everything is already yours, as long as you are willing to give up your own serpent of lack. Paradise is always now, and only now, never elsewhere, nor is it reachable. Paradise is eternity now, and therefore none of your temporal plans, desires, or goals can ever get you there. Paradise is the moment you realize that you are missing nothing, nor have you ever been. There is no serpent of lack in our true paradise.