September 12

Space is the expanded room where everything takes place and everything is. Space is in you, even though it is momentarily delimited by the shapes, cells, and atoms of your body,. Space is where all your experiences take place and where you are. I am in the same space, also defined for the moment by the same physical racial, cultural, religious and cognitive borders of state. Only in space are we one, you and me, all one.

Everything that separates us is changeable and it ultimately disappears. All manhood, femininity, childhood, old age, wisdom, stupidity, beauty, or ugliness is only momentary splashes in the eternal ocean of space. There is only the sacred sea of space, where we all play our games of seclusion and separation, like children on a sandy beach.

We create our own bodies and our own worlds, build our sand castles, and fight our bloody wars for their eternity until they all once again crumble back into the great sea of space. Only space is eternal, it is our common playground, our true being.

Recognize the space within you, the complete emptiness filling your every atom. Even scientists know that. Recognize the fullness of emptiness, the embrace sustaining both your body and your world in this only moment of life. Recognize the unknown fullness behind all the limitations you know that you have learned to fear for.

Space is everywhere, in you too. Space is full and already forever, in you too. There is nothing missing from space, not from you either. Space is the universe itself, what you really are.

You are a drop of the universe, a child of space, frightened by your own imaginations of separateness, your momentary thoughts of loneliness. You have frozen on the surface of your living drop of divinity many fearful membranes of separateness, the endless maintenance and defense of which consumes your earthly life. The eternal in you is fighting for the passing moments it has created, and suffers from the impossibility and futility of its fight. No separation is ever eternal.

Let your fears melt back into the oneness of space, into the eternity where we are all one, and have always been. I am one. I am all. I am you. And I am nothing. There is only one eternal movement of life, the space both inside and outside of us. The universe.