November 1

I am God. I am. I have always been, and always will. I am all and everything, nothing and all that there is. I am whole and holy, unlimited and full. I am all that exists and all that has not yet come to be. I am all that has been, all that can ever be. There is nothing but me; there is no other, nothing outside of me, no outside.

I know all the answers and all the questions, I know all the thoughts that ever have been, they all reside in me. I know all the living creatures, I know all of you. I know all that you call dead matter, for that also lives in me. There is only one life and only one vibration, all of it is me descending down through the levels of creation. I am it all. I am.

You are also me, you cannot be anything else. You are also me, even though you in your God-given freedom have imagined yourself as separate from me. You are my spirit arising in humanity, you are my wisdom waking up in human minds, and you are my love opening the hearts of men and women.

I am your greatest dream; I am all that you have ever dreamt of, all that you have ever envisioned. I am all of your dreams, whatever you ever have thought of. I am all that you are, all that you ever can be, all that you ever have been. I am the love that realizes your thoughts, whatever they are, to show you the power of your thoughts, the power and might of God residing in you.

All your experiences, all your miseries and worries, your joys and laughters, all of them arise from my love for you. You always get all that your own innermost thoughts dictate. Your world is there to show you what you are, what you keep on thinking and thus creating in and from my love for you. I am your ever-loving parent, your Father and Mother, whose love never fails, whose resources are ever renewing and limitless. I give you what you think, I give you the realization of all the twists, doubts and conflicts that you carry in your mind, so that you one day may arise and leave them all behind. So that you one day may grow through your childhood to your conscious Godhood in me.

I am waiting for you. I have waited for you from the beginning of time and I wait till time begins again. That is all I do. I serve you in me knowing that one day you have tried out all that is not in harmony with my Oneness and you are ready to join forces with Me,  to become my conscious partner in creation.

I have all the time, I am No time, I just love and give you all that you yearn so that you one day may yearn to be what you truly are, me. You and I are one, we are, and we have always been and shall always be. You have just forgotten it for a while in eternity, got so immersed in your own illusions that the remembrance of your true nature seems to be far away.

And still, it’s just a thought away, an acceptance away. It is around the corner, behind and before every fearful illusion that you are so used to create. I am within and without everything that you do or don’t do, I am everywhere you look, and in everything you don’t want to see.

I am all that exists, all that prevails in spite all the messy and burdensome illusions of fear that you are so attached to. I am the moment of revelation, the moment of remembrance, the moment of coming home, of acknowledging your true heritage as my dear and divine child of love. I embrace you, I love you, I am with you in eternity, and I am forever yours, my beloved child