November 20

Once upon a time, just a moment ago, I was a serious guy. Somebody even told me that I was from the Serius, you know the star in the sky. But then I met myself, the real self, that which I had been hiding behind my seriousness. And all of the troubled past was just blown away, like it had never existed. Or maybe, there is just a slight remembrance of it left, like a warning telling not go there anymore.

There has been a Great Joy waiting for me through all my miseries, it has been all around, supporting and trusting that one day I would let it come into my fortress of fears and limitations. It has sort of wondered: ”How fucking stubborn can he get! He knows that I am here. he even occasionally puts the little toe of his left foot into the pond of my Love. And then hastily returns into the messy past of his miseries.”

How could I do anything else? I was so immersed in my troubled past, in the SeriousMess  of my personality. I thought I was not worth that Joy, that I was somehow doomed to search for it, and to yearn for it. But to find it? I was not quite so sure… Whenever I got near it, smelled it or felt it, I was compelled to leave it, to go back to what I had been. I was in a serious mess!

But not anymore! I have just made a pact with Joy. We’ll walk together from here on! We’ll walk in this forever Now, where all Life resides, and has always resided. I promised not to look back, but to let Creation flow into new futures yet unknown. I promised to be the Joy I have always been, the Joy that has been beckoning to my miserable self for ages: ”Come on, let’s get going! There’s much more Life to be lived, new creative adventures waiting for us. Let’s get going!” Yes, let’s get going. I am with you from here on now!