November 18

I was born with the set of emotions that had brought my previous life as a human being to an end. I was born with the residue of my past, with a mind-set that is like a time-bomb ticking away on my waist. The time of my death was already set before my birth, and my only way out of this predestined life was to first to accept that I actually did carry the bomb on my person and then to dare to look at it squarely and honestly to find a way to dismantle the bomb. The bomb actually consists of my unconscious and denied emotions, which I have never dared to look at and thus bring to conclusion and wisdom. It is built upon the shadows of my mind, upon my unwillingness to face myself and my own heritage.

That is why the secretive terrorists lurking around us and seeking to blow up us and our dear world are the greatest enemy we ever can think of. That particular shadowy threat speaks directly to each and every one of us, because that enemy truly lives within every single person on Earth. That is why the threat of terrorism is the best possible way for the secretive rulers of our world to get us accept the ever widening nets of control that they have prepared for us. We are ready to accept and do almost anything to control the fearful terrorist lurking in our own soul. We are even ready to die or to kill to keep our innermost fears hidden.

Actually to kill and be killed is what we have always done. What other reasons are there for war and violence but the violation of our innermost and most cherished attitudes or beliefs? We have all killed and been killed for the honor of our family, our nation, our religion or our company. We kill and get killed in our desperate endeavor to maintain a status quo in a forever changing world. We try to stop the ongoing creation by the borders of our conscious or unconscious acceptance. And we always end up under a beautifully polished gravestone – the culmination of the static ideals of our personality –on the banks of the ever renewing river of life. Our static beliefs and attitudes always bring about an untimely death in the face of life’s flowing abundance.

All of this may sound strange and even outrageous in your ears. Let me explain and use myself as a prime example. For the past 50 years I have endeavored to understand what makes me tick. Or what is ticking within me! Gradually after endless repetitions of  emotional roller coasters I have finally been able to recognize and even to dissect the bomb ticking in my mind.

First of all the bomb is ticking away in my emotional body, in the spiritual sphere around me where all my attitudes, beliefs, doubts, guilts and fears are primarily stored. That is from where they have arisen one by one to create my world and reality, and to explain it to me in the past tense of their truth. These emotions comprise the status quo of my mind, the past experiences stored as the blueprint of my present and my future.

I am a prisoner of my past emotions, bound to see the holy moment of living now through the lenses of those unresolved experiences as long as I refuse to see them.They are a past reality hanging in my forcefield distorting my vision of the present world. At the same time they also act as the bars of my prison keeping me bound to my past choices and emotions. There is no true freedom as long as those terrorists of the past emotions hang around in the shadows of my mind.

I have been able to recognize, name and bring to a conclusion the following terrorists of my mind. I trust that my experiences must be somehow universal in character. We must be sharing similar emotional makeups. Why should we all otherwise live in this world?

1.”The Erection of the Eternal Mind” or the mighty emotions of unresolved sexuality. What to do with the erected member, how to direct it and its energies? How many repetitions, how many highs and lows in an seemingly endless procession.

2.”The Sweet Bosom of Love” or the yearning for the fulfillment of the motherly love. The bosoms, the breasts, those alluring illusions always leading us astray. Where is the truly all embracing love that we are all after?

3.”You don’t understand!” or the feeling of never being fully understood, or loved. The eternal compulsive search for acknowledgement never brought to a fulfillment. A set of mind bound to create a reality of it’s kind.

4.”I am not worthy of it” or the satan of diminishing my own ability to understand and handle my own life. The false view of seeing all greatness. all power and might as qualities belonging to someone else out there. Leading to the search of all kinds of saviors and messiahs.

5 ”Dreamers of the day are dangerous men” or the guilt of having done something terrible, something utterly bad to somebody sometime in the past. And the actual repetitions of the same in the shadow of this feeling.

To balance out these terrorists of the past I have carried one thought or an attitude that has kept me alive and kicking through all the repetitive emotional experiences arising from these past devils of my my mind.

6.”Over the mountain and through it” or the innate knowingness that all and everything can be met and faced, resolved in love and understanding. There must be a way through all the dross, all the problems and challenges that I have created for myself. There must be a way to meet and answer all the great questions of human life. The impossible does not exist in the unlimited reality of multitudinous Universes. It only exists in the mind of a human being who chooses to accept it

These were the emotional building blocks of my life, the lines of thought to be worked out and released before the bomb ticking in my belt blasted my body away, but never my emotions. The unresolved emotions always remain intact and eventually lead to the creation of a new body with the same set basic emotions. It is necessary until the day they are seen and faced as they are, and thus released from the energy field of our spirit.

This is definitely not the first time I have sought to resolve the ticking bomb of my emotions, but it may be the last. When all of them are truly faced the eternal spirit inhabiting my body – the true essence of what I am – is liberated from the shackles of the past.Equally my body  – the vehicle of the spirit – is liberated from the grip of the terrorists of my mind.

The new worlds and virgin realities arising from this actual freedom are out of bounds for the mind of the past. The pristine worlds arising from the newly freed mind are full of new challenges and new form,s of creation. We are finally ready for something else, something other than the endless repetition of the past. Are you ready, are you willing to examine our basic assumptions, the attitudes and beliefs that keep on creating “same ole, same ole”? Are you ready to face yourself, to face and thus recreate yourself and your world and reality? Are you ready?