November 9

See Me
Feel Me
Touch Me
Heal Me

All through my life I have sung this song, this song of yearning, of yearning to be loved, to be accepted just as I am. And I have sung it in vain, I’ve never met anybody who could have fully filled my yearning heart. My humanity has been left aching…

Just a moment ago I saw another possibility, a turning of tables that left my being with a fulfilled awe of revelation. What if the singer is not the ”black hole” of my yearning humanity, but the creative source of Life itself calling me back home, back home to the presence of God that has never truly left me?

What if the Love that I as a human being have been yearning for is the Love that has been calling me back to its presence? What if my human feelings of not being loved are just illusions of our human conditioning? What if we are loved so much that we are even allowed to create a reality where Love does not seem to exist at all?

See Love
Feel Love
Touch Love
Heal Love

What happens when our senses are opened to see, to hear, to touch, to sense and to smell Love wherever we be? What happens when we change our identity from a being of ”black hole” of lack to a being of ever renewing creation in Love? It is a choice, an ever present choice, which I touched today or which touched me today.

It is also your choice, your possibility for ”a total maker-over” of your being, an opening for a truly new reality to be expressed from the core of God within you. If you are fed up with what you’ve got, totally bored being a fearful bastard of the universe, then it is time for you to think over, to let your thoughts be turned around, rearranged and renewed. That’ll give your life new room to grow.

Just think about it, play with it. Take it as just a thought to be toyed with. And what if all your thoughts about yourself were just thoughts to be played with? What if you and I were allowed to choose our thoughts about ourselves, and about our reality? What if we were the creators of our own realities? And what if our realities were created by just a thought, some notion of reality that we have chosen to live and die for?

It is time for new thoughts, new realities to be created. The fearful notion of lack that we have lived from has reached its utter limits where the grinding black hole of our greed threatens to destroy our living Earth, the playground of our life. We are about to self-destruct. The time of fearful thoughts is over. It is time for a change.

All change begins with a new thought, a tentative vision of something else than that which we’ve had, we’ve been accustomed to. Thoughts are seeds of creation, the impulses around which forms big and small gather to express their reality. Thoughts are the playthings of Gods, the magical wands of creation, that we in our thoughts of disempowerment have given only for the gods above us and to their representatives on Earth, our leaders of all kinds, to use. We humble masses of Earth are here to accept and fulfill the thoughts of those others, those that we have placed above us to lead us. Our lot is just to follow the leader, just as we all have done since our days in kindergarten.

Or that is how we have learned to think. That somebody else has those important thoughts that we should realize, and that our own thoughts, whatever they are, are never truly important or meaningful. That’s how we have thought, and that’s how we have created this sorrowful world where the song of Love from within us is so seldom heard. That’s why we are so afraid of our own thoughts, those natural yearnings of creative Love hidden deep under those thoughts of others that we have accepted as our own.

What if our miserable reality was just a brief dream of limitation in the vastness of God’s ever ongoing Love? What if we really could play with the thoughts that create our realities? What if everything is just a thought? What if the innocence of our children truly was ours as well? What if the tables could be turned? What if we all are Love itself singing to its own beloved children?

See Me
Feel Me
Touch Me
Heal Me

Listening to you, I get the music
Gazing at you, I get the heat
Following you, I climb the mountain
I get excitement at your feet

Right behind you, I see the millions
On you, I see the glory
From you, I get opinion
From you, I get the story