November 27

When I showed my ” A Little Book of God” to a friend she took it in her hand and read the back cover. She was ready to buy it, but when she looked inside and saw the poetic form of the texts she said: ” I just can’t read poems” and gave the book back. This made me think, and after a while I realized that I had material for a “real” book, for a book that would have the form of a traditional “self-help book”.

So here you are: “Just a Thought” and the text from the back cover: Do you know who you are? Do you know where you come from, where you are heading to? Do you know yourself? Who does?

I was once given an answer to these questions, an answer so simple and so powerful that it seems a miracle that nobody seems to have come upon it before.

The answer given to me was: You are ”Just a Thought”, a thought of God on a journey of exploration into what you can be, into what God can be through you. There are no limits, no hidden agendas to your freedom in the Forever Now.

I am Just a Thought, any thought I choose to maintain in the sacredness of my being. All of my thoughts are seeds of Creation, all of them leading to experiences of their own kind, and finally to wisdom to be brought back to the Core of God within, where all Life emanates. I am a Godseed Sprouting into the dimensions of my thoughts.

This book is my exploration into what being ”Just a Thought” means to me, and maybe to you as well. You are welcome on a journey into the yet unknown!