August 30

imagesI wrote you a letter where I described how I saw the acceptance I had just experienced in a beautiful group of people as something similar and equally worthy as the one you had experienced in your Christian group. You called me back the same night and asked me to take the open letter away from my blog. You did not accept my experience as equal to yours, my sins had not been forgiven by Jesus as yours had been and I was still a sinner to be saved. You felt that it was your duty to save me.

We had a long discussion, which in my mind boiled down to our different views about God and judgement. Your God is the God of judgement who will divide the chaff from the corn, the bad from the good. We are only saved by Jesus and preferably through your own Christian community. There is no other way.

My God is the benevolent sea of energy within which everything and everybody exists. My God is the loving greatness of all potentialities, which has sent us to answer its first and only question: ”Who am I?”. For my God all our answers are equally valid, they are all a means for God to become visible for itself, they are all an essential part of creation. That which some of us call sinning is actually the only possible means of creation within the vastness of God, our answers need to be something else than bull’s eye of God’s fullness. Nothing would be created if we never missed the mark, which actually is the original meaning of ”sinning”.

Knowing that I am an eternal child of God on my journey of creation there is no reason for me to be saved. I am saved already by being what I am. Just like you are, my friend. The only thing we need to be saved from is from our own misconception of who we are, from our fearful humanity willingly accepting to be judged by those who in their misplaced pride choose to place themselves above others, above those poor sinners to be saved.

I thank you for your well-meaning concern for my life, but I cannot see you in a position to judge me or anybody else. We are all equally cared for and carried by the God of Love that I know. We are all blessed with an eternal life so that we have time enough to reveal and experience all aspects of God and of God’s love in our own beloved being. That’s what life is all about.

*     *     *

I wrote the text above quite soon after me had our discussion about my letter to you and your two notes after it. I wanted to let you know how I saw this matter of being saved or not. I showed it to my wife who advised not to send it to you, it would just inflame things more. So I let it be…

But since then I have noticed how I myself have also gotten stuck in the same mode of judgement. We experienced something utterly beautiful with my wife when we had a week for us two after the Inner Humanity camp. When the kids came back home and the schools started we gradually drifted away from the pure point of Love we had so innocently shared. And I finally found myself judging her for it! I had tied my experience of Love to her, made it dependent upon her and thus found a reason to judge her when she was not there for me! Once again I find myself in the same boat with you, my friend!

My true love is never tied to a person, my love is God’s presence expressed in every blessed moment of Life. My love is what I am when I am free from the judgements of my past. My love is not good or bad, my love just is…and allows and accepts. That’s the nature of God in me, and in you, my friend! That’s the blessed presence of God carrying our boats wherever we want to travel in God’s loving vastness. None of us is ever lost, none of us needs to be saved or judged for the adventures we choose to have. All life everywhere and in every human being takes place in God’s love, that’s all there is!