May 30

iuMany of us are totally bonkers of how AI or Artificial Intelligence is going to revolutionize the running of our societies. AI is so clever and efficient that in many cases it is going to make us humans totally redundant. Soon our society does not need us anymore as the AI is so much more reliable, efficient and clever than we can ever become. So what the heck are we then going to do? What is our role in the New World run by computers?

AI is based on memory stored in the form of data in huge servers that all together already consume more energy than all air traffic annually. Those servers and the whole system of AI imitates the human memory and only expand its functions through technology to its ultimate limits, where almost everything in our world is and can be controlled by AI. AI as all human technology so far is just an expansion of an human ability, this time the ability to memorize things and experiences. This also means that AI is always based on old data, on old experiences stored in its memory banks. There is nothing new there, just an enormous expansion of our memory.

So what do we do when all we used to do is done faster and more efficiently by the computers? What is left for us? Are we to entertain ourselves to death, or what?

This brings us to the question: Who am I? Usually, we think that I am what I remember myself to be: my name, my occupation, my family, my nation, my emotions, my whatever… But if all that is just computerized memory, then the computers are better in it as well.

Am I something beyond my memorized knowledge of what has been? Or am I anything more than the computers that are going to run our world?

I see that our fascination in AI rises from the fact that it is the ultimate and extremely powerful form of our own memorized person or that which we have thought ourselves to be. But if I am just a memorized bundle of information, then those computers are really going to make us redundant. They are going to outrun us in our own game.

There is this memory based function in us, which keeps on defining us according to what has been. It keeps on tying us to our past and creating futures resembling our past experiences. That’s what our rat race is all about! And now the AI is going to do it for us, which actually means that AI is going to keep on defining us according to our past actions and thoughts. It is going to freeze us to what we have been or to recreate us as robots for a world run by the enormously efficient intelligence of the AI for the benefit of – who?

Yes, there is a human intelligence behind the AI. There are some minds responsible for this development, people who are directing the efforts and the intelligence of us humans towards the goal of ultimate power through the AI. They want to run the world for their own benefit, just like we all do! They just have expanded their scale to include the whole world and they are already directing their efforts to new objects in space as the Earth has already been conquered. Or has it?

There is a huge blind spot in all human intelligence, in this business of memorized knowledge of which AI is the ultimate expression of. There is something hugely important that we pass by and ignore in this process, and that is the vastly greater system of Living Intelligence or LI, which to begin with keeps all our hearts beating simultaneously in this very moment, right now, right now… The same LI also keeps the planets swirling in their paths around the innumerable suns and is filling the vastness of space with galaxies that we can never even count the number of.

LI is a living system of intelligence keeping this whole universe, and many others that we do not know of, running in a self-correcting mode. LI is timeless, its presence is in this ever-renewing now beyond the memorized past and the imagined futures that AI can only deal with.

As AI is always based on the past it lacks the Living Intelligence to tackle the challenges of our life without a residue of opposites leading to new challenges. This means that however we try to correct something with AI, or with our own memory-based thinking, we can never face a challenge fully or get what we really strive for. For many years we have been striving for the good life in many ways and have achieved an almost luxurious state of material well-being, which at the same time has become a threat for the whole living Earth and its inhabitants. In our striving for ”the good” we have brought about ”the bad” in the form of enormous suffering for most of the living beings on Earth, including ourselves. We suffer our own wellbeing by becoming more and more empty or hollow in our spirit and soul. We become sick just like our living planet has already become that.

Yes, AI can do most memory based things better than we. Yes, our memory based focus is becoming redundant. Yes, we are facing a great challenge and an opportunity to focus our intent beyond what used to be and can be controlled by AI to what is and can only be contacted in the present now, which is the realm of the LI or Living Intelligence.

Yes, it is obvious that LI must be present in all of us. It is doing a great job keeping our bodies alive, our hearts beating, our cells renewing, our food processed and our bodies developing. All of that takes place beyond the realm of our personal memory based intelligence. It is obviously directed by an intelligence far greater than what we can ever remember. LI is beyond us, but we are within it just like the whole cosmos is within it.

LI is the invisible, it may be the dark matter or dark energy that we already assume to exist. According to our intelligent calculations, the visible universe would not be able to exist without the invisible to balance it out. LI is the vast darkness of the night sky within which the tiny specks of the visible stars can exist. LI is the oneness out of which the many arise to express the vastness of it.

How can I contact this LI? How can I express it just like my body is already doing? How can I overcome my past or my AI? Or do I even want to?

AI is the culmination of the memorized intelligence of our human past. LI is the culmination of the whole of creation in the present moment of Life. AI is the dead residue of our past that we use to create our future. LI is the living now that we can allow to express itself through us. This can only take place when we die to our past, we die now and start to live in the forever now, again, again, again…