October 16

imagesThese are the words of Life Itself to me or to any human being who carries within him/herself the sense of being a Greedy Bastard, which cannot seem to be fully satisfied by anything or anybody:

“You eat too much, you drink too much, you instinctively try to fill the felt emptiness within yourself through your mouth. Hunger is a natural urge of your animal body, but when it is expanded and combined with an unconscious urge to fill your spiritual emptiness, then you are in for a rough ride. And as you very well know by now it it only gives you a moment of very basic satisfaction and then ends up giving you all kinds of troubles of indigestion and finally expanding your waistline. What to do?

There have been times when you have tried to starve yourself to heaven, or at least to illumination. In your search for purity as a young man you became anorectic, but were eventually saved from it by the headmistress of Krishnamurti’s school in England, who could see your burning desire and lead you out of it by introducing you to two young men of your own kind. Friendship had a healing effect on a loner like you.

And you surely remember that already in those days over 40 years ago you said to yourself that only when you get your act of eating together can you ever reach the yearned for balance in your life. Digestion is the basic miracle of your life, the one that is wholly in my hands. I am the one who miraculously turns all that you eat into the stuff of your body. I turn all the fruits of Mother Earth into the cells of your extraordinary body, which is the vehicle of your soul during your brief sojourn of exploration in this wonderful world. Unfortunately your troubled mind with its fears and worries tends to mess up with the miraculous processes of Life both in your body and in your world. That is the reason your living body gets sick and your living world is in a disastrous shape. All because of your troubled mind.

It’s about time for you to get your act together. You are still alive, still ultimately carried and supported by me, by Life Itself. All your troubles have always arisen form your desire to take over me, to be better than me and to sort out everything in your own manner instead of listening to me as your spiritual parent. You and your society have got stuck in this teenage rebellion against the hugeness of Life Itself, which is carrying both you and innumerable others like and unlike you in a universe the vastness of which cannot ever be fully fathomed by your human intellect. You can never understand who I am as Life Itself as long as you keep on fighting against me both in your own body and in the living world around you.

So get your act together right now! There is no other time to do it as the Holy Now is the only moment when you can be in conscious contact with me. I am the God of Now who is keeping all your hearts beating in this only moment of actual Life. There is no life in the swirling chaos of your past thoughts and emotions filling up your mind. There is no life in the troubles that you have learned to live and die for and there is no other way to end your troubles except by seeing their futility and the havoc they are causing to your precious body and to your exquisite world. You just need to choose your present Life in my divine now instead of the ever chaotic past filling your mind.

You are not your mind nor your past experiences. You are not the body either through which you have gathered the stuff of your mind. You are a drop of what I am, Life Itself on an eternal journey of exploration into what else I can be than the eternal bliss of creative sea filling all the invisible spaces of your entire universe. I am the emptiness within an atom holding the electrons and stuff in their places as well as I am the darkness between the innumerable stars and galaxies that you can see in the night sky. I am the one keeping them in place while they are all whirling through my space in their own balanced manner and speed. And I am the one keeping all the atoms of your body together while you keep on exploring all that can be within the vastness of Life Itself.

And from the point of view of eternity, where I only exist right now, I would recommend that you do away with all your troubles as it is far more pleasant to spend your eternity in co-creative joys with me than holding on and recycling your own imaginary troubles as you are wont to do. No food, no drink, no woman, no man and no thing can ever fully fill you. You are already filled by me, you have been filled by me through all your sojourns within me. In your teenage rebellion you have just learned to ignore me as you have wanted to do it your way. And now you can clearly see the havoc caused by your way of ignorance.

It is time for you to snap up from your stupor, to wake up from your sleep of thousand upon thousands of years. You are the Sleeping Beauty and I as the Prince of Life have always stood by your side, only the thorns of your past troubles have kept me at bay. It’s time you acknowledge that all your thorny experiences have been caused by the thorns of your own mind. It’s time you acknowledge your own powers as the creator of your own life and thus stop maintaining the thorns of your past and allow each one of them to turn into a shining pearl of wisdom to glorify that which you are as my eternal daughter and son. That is our eternal union realized within a human body. So be it!”