October 16

imagesThe world that you have created for yourselves on the platform of this beautiful Earth of utmost variety is like an acid test for all the cracks, fears and limitations that you have chosen to carry in your soul. All your dark feelings of fearful nature are enlarged and blown up on the canvas of your life. All the hooks and anchors that you carry in your unconsciousness are made visible and deeply felt in your human world run by fear and hunger for possession and power. All your past programs still running your present moment of life are blown up to such proportions that you just cannot fail to see them and eventually deal with them.

Your world is a whirling chaos that is challenging all the chaos that you are still carrying in your mind. Your world is a gift of Life to reveal to you all the dead thoughts and emotions of your past currently running your world and reality and making you and your neighbors sick and tired of it. You are all living for your past and unconsciously recreating it time after time in a kaleidoscope of varying circumstances. You are stuck, you are past persons recycling your past shit without allowing it to decompose and thus nurture Life, which all shit of all creatures naturally should.

So, how do you get rid of your shit? By facing it, by acknowledging all your shitty feelings as your own even though they are awakened in your interaction with your world. By becoming the sole creative power within your personal sphere of life. By thankfully acknowledging all the cracks of the past within your soul that you are forced to acknowledge in this world. By facing the dragons of fear and limitation brought about by your daily actions with your nearest and dearest and with the vast troubled surface of your world. It is all in your reality because you need to face it and to put your shit together.

You need to become a spiritual adult and stop blaming others for your own feelings of unworthiness and misery. You need to grow to be thankful for all that in this pressure chamber ever arises from the depths of your unconscious. Only when it is on the surface of your mind you can ever face it and release it. It is almost like catch and release for your fishermen except that every fish of the past that you catch and release had actually been running your life from the depths of your mind. Thus by releasing the past thought or emotion you become freer to create your life in this precious present moment of now.

How many hours have you not spent being angry for the state of either your personal life or your world? How many hours of your precious life have not been wasted by wallowing in grief for the proverbial spilled milk of some past moment? And how many hours of miserable anticipation have you spent fearing the possible future extrapolated from the experiences of your miserable past? As long as you carry your past shit it will naturally produce your future shit. That is merely rational and logical, not a punishment of some creepy and power hungry divinity.

You are the sole creator of your life. That is the simple fact that the whole of your human society has taught you to ignore for the sake of some creepy and power hungry humans like you They have through ages tried to enslave you through your fears and are thus trying to avoid their own, those past fishes of their unconscious that are obviously still running their show. Their power to enslave you is just keeping themselves enslaved to their own past fears and miseries, which they are thus desperately trying to avoid. They are just like you also afraid of catching and releasing their past troubles running their show. You are thus all, both the slaves and the slave masters, wallowing in the same shit of our past fears and miseries. And for all of you there is just one way of dealing with it all. Just one way of becoming whole and fully filled just as you all were when you once started this journey of exploration into the vastness of what Life Itself can ever be. It all started in the first ever creative moment, when I got bored being just utterly blissed out and asked the question that became the birth of all those creative sparkles of living fire that have since explored the vastness of what I can be. That was the one and only creative act that I personally have ever done, all the rest is your doing as creative sons and daughter of my being.

That question is and was: Who am I? It is still vibrating through all of my universes. And all of you are individual answers to that sole question of mine. It is the Big Bang of my being still vibration through all levels of creation, which eventually also brought about the Big Bang of your material reality. And it all happened through you, through my precious children who were all created in the first an only creative moment of what I am. The same question has been reverberating within you through all your endeavors to find a valid answer to your urgent quest for identity. That same question has led you to immerse yourself within the material forms and it has also finally lead you to become slaves of the forms that your yourselves have created through time. That’s what you have done en masse on this precious Earth, which is now teetering upon the brink of an apocalypse, which can wipe out all of living nature in your desperate search for some stability for your ever needy and chaotic mind.

Your childish search for stability through and within the outside material world is doomed to fail. There is no absolute stability in matter, the creation of which is always bound by time, and birth and death belonging to it. The time span of material creation may be in milliseconds or in billions of years, but it is still finite and still within the infinite that I am or Life Itself is.

But you do have a way back to the infinite that I am. The key is the very same question that once created you, the key that has kept your sojourn into the folds of matter going until now. The key is still vibrating within you. Who am I? is the question and your key back to infinite that I am, and that you also ultimately are.

When your expansion into the outer worlds of material creation has reached a point, where you begin to sense the nagging emptiness of it all, then you are ready to use the key question. And only then, because as long as you are still bound by the outer illusions of your creation you are not ready to let go of it and to turn towards Life Itself within you, where I have carried you in all of your escapades and endeavors. I have always existed within you for I am the flame of life that is the source of all your power and all of your experiences. Thus by acknowledging all your experiences, good or bad, as your own creations, you gradually turn your attention to the true creative power that I am within you.

The key is the primal question: Who I am? It is also the final question, which shall bring you and your accepted experiences as wisdom back to Life Itself within all of you. That is the true homecoming of the prodigal son, which will be rejoiced by the whole of creation within you. And that is also the beginning of new kind of creation through a consciously living human being, who governed by the present wisdom of Life Itself instead of the Greedy Bastard of his/her past fears.

So sit down and face your shit or whatever pain is currently running your life. Sit down and close your eyes and be with the actual inner turmoil of your mind. Sit down with the knowing that you can face all that you are, all that you have ever created and stored within your chaotic mind. Sit down and know that you are not your chaotic mind, but you are something else, something beyond its frames of time. Sit down also knowing that you are not your body, which may be aching or paining for some obscure reason.

So you are sitting and facing your pain, your fear, your misery, your whatever dark and anxious emotion of the moment. Take that emotion as a gift and a focus point of your energies it truly is, and allow it just to be there in your focus. Just be with whatever is, and then ask the question: Who am I?

Ask the question and be focused enough not to allow the past of your chaotic mind to give any answers whatsoever. Just ask: Who am I? And be with the question, consciously allowing it to vibrate within your being. Who am I? Be careful not to know, not to allow your past to define you once more. Who am I? The answer will come…