November 22

images-2This vision arose while I was listening A Course in Miracles teacher David Hoffmeister’s newest teaching “The Answer to Every Problem” from 21st Nov 2019. I sensed a temporal timeline of my personal past reaching through me to create my future. I saw my human experience of problems upon problems extending and creating time along which I have kept on trying to resolve my human miseries, fears, anxieties without ever reaching the end. And neither has anybody else done it. Only the death of my body has always come in the end, and my painful past has then been repeated as an equally painful future. The mill of miseries has kept grinding on…

In Finnish there happens to be a saying “Sama vika Rahikaisella!”, which is used as an exclamation after you have done something stupid, meaning that you are not the only one to do so as Rahikainen has also made the same mistake. I am the one!

Then I saw a vibrating plane opening to all directions of space perpendicular to this horizontal timeline. This plane is running through every moment of Now and keeping all our hearts beating while it also maintains life everywhere and in all galaxies. It is huge, it is timeless and it unites all our petty temporal lifelines. That plane is what we really are, it is Life Itself.

David was talking of how we need to acknowledge our perceptual mistake of seeing ourselves as the conglomerate of our ever ongoing problems of past, present and future filling our mind and keeping us a way from this Plane of Life. He described the first step of reconnecting with this plane as Christ Vision, which arises when the perceptual pulse of past-present has been seen as erroneous and our mind has thus opened itself for something far greater than itself.

We need to acknowledge our mistaken belief in the illusions of time and matter, which have kept us imprisoned in our own dreams of hoping to become something greater, wiser, mightier, more loving, better or something else out there in time. To see all this and all our sins as just tiny correctable mistakes opens us for the present of right now. That is the key, the opening through which the Holy Spirit can enter our mind to replace the run-of-the-mill rehashing of the past into equally distressing future without touching the baseline of the ever renewing now, now, now…

This Plane of Christ is the Oneness out of which all of our personal and lonely timelines arise as pulsing time. Unfortunately we have identified ourselves with time and with material structures and bodies arising in it. It’s time:) to take back this identification as a minor mistake in the vastness of Life Itself, which was first done by our brother Jesus, whose vision is now ready to guide us to the Peace of Heaven waiting for all of us within ourselves.

Yeah, it was fun to describe this vision, but still it was much more important to experience the plane of love and acceptance, and of personal surrender, gently pulsating between David and other participants of the talk. Here’s the real thing: :