November 28

Unknown-1For some time it has been obvious for me that our world is ruled by teenagers in adult disguise. Everybody has been caught up by the black and white, good and bad dualism of a teenager desperately trying to become an individual or something different from his/her parents. Everybody is a teenager in spite of their actual physical age, young or old. Everybody is easily ruled as a reactive mass of people governed by and through their fears.

Everybody is doing their best to better, richer and more impressive than the other. Everybody is trying to be a special individual in a flock of teenagers fearful of not being accepted by others of their kind. Everybody is trying to become something special in their own particular way and all of them end up being the same. Everybody is miserable and unhappy whether they are hiding behind the shiny veneer of success or the shoddy demeanor of failure. They are all the same.

You are all hiding behind a mask, desperately trying to be acceptable in the eyes of others equally desperate to be accepted by you. You are all peer reviewing each other and finding the other to be faulty and a failure, but you are also unwilling to accept that you yourself are equally so. You are all teenagers fighting each other for a place in the sun, or the accepting gaze of the others. You are in a seemingly eternal rebellion against you true father/mother, against Life Itself within and without all of you. You wanna do it your way. And in your arrogance you have messed it up truly badly. You are just about to destroy this living planet once again!

And as you can see I am wont to see all of you as teenagers – that is easy – but less eager to see the same foolishness in myself. But truly I cannot escape the fact that I have also messed up my life and my world trying to sort this human mess my way! And just as it did not work for you, it did not work for me either! We are all in this mess together!

Gradually I have begun to understand that there exists something far greater than my individual human self, something that I just cannot ever grasp with my heady intellect. And obviously you cannot either!

I have begun to call this something as Life Itself, the vast and invisible something keeping both my body, this planet Earth and the whole cosmos alive and kicking despite all our desperate efforts to kill and destroy it all. We are not the true masters of this universe, there’s got to be something else!

Lately I have found a book called “A Course in Miracles”, which seems to be pointing to this huge something beyond our human mind and abilities. It tells about God – which is a bit awkward term for our teenage mind – as the only unchanging reality there is, the source which once created all of us as its Son and an actual extension of itself. And we accidentally came upon the idea that we are separate – just like all teenagers always do! – from our dear Father and thus started the creation of this universe ran by our guilt of denying our heavenly origin in God, in Oneness. We are endlessly swinging back and forth in the material swing of plus and minus, good and bad, one and the other… We are teenagers trying to find love, peace and balance in an illusory world arising out of our rebellion against our true nature as sons and daughters of God, of Life Itself.

It’s time to grow, time to reconnect with our true nature and find peace, joy and love where it truly exists. Our vain and futile rebellion against our own true nature in God can come to an end, and we can all be joined as One in the embrace of What Is when we are ready to face and accept the guilt and desperation we have hidden deep within our mind. God is waiting for his prodigal sons and daughters to come back home to him. God that has never judged us, never known anger towards us. All the dark and miserable thoughts and emotions were solely our own, arising from our teenage rebellion against our loving Father, The Source. It’s time to go home. The mission is thus accomplished.