February 24

31657994_2058793647483499_8701833780144373760_nWho are you? Are you really your name, your family, your race, your religion, your nation, your history, your genetics, your sex, your fame, your misery, your money or what?

We live in a pick and choose world where everybody gets to form their own particular avatar for this game called The Human Life. We get to choose anything and whatsoever from the list above – and even beyond it – as our own in order to try to win in this desperate game of survival. But does anybody really ever win this game, or do we all lose it everytime we jump in?

Yes, we all win something on the way. We win a fight, we win a lover, we win in a lottery, we win a scholarship, we win over our enemy, we win a deal, we win a war and so on. But do we ever win the truly good life of peace, joy, excitement and pleasure that was promised as the jackpot of this game? Do you? Does anybody?

Yes, there are pieces of that dream jackpot that we all get to experience or to touch fleetingly at least in the glossy magazines of the rich and famous or in films or on facebook or elsewhere. All those pieces are like pieces of a puzzle that nobody really gets together. Even the rich and famous who seem to have them all are equally sad and miserable as the poor that they have won over in this game.

Is this game rigged or what? Why do we never get what we want? Never get something that is enough, that ends this constant and stressful striving for something more? What is this more that we are all so desperate for? Why all this striving?

As long as you are identified with any aspects of your past – name, race, sex etc. – and are chasing a better future based on them, you are in for a losing game. Your messy past just cannot be formed into a glossy future, it cannot be done. You can never collect enough trophies of success that could ever fill the vast void within you, the black hole of need that you are supposed to fill up in this game. Your game is rigged!

What if the true trophy of this human life is the BLACK WHOLE filling the space between all the lonely stars and planets out there, as well as the space within and between all the cells and atoms forming your body, and the bodies of everybody and anybody else out there. The unseen black whole – also presumed by our science as dark energy and dark matter – is the only aspect of our universe existing everywhere at once – also presumed by quantum mechanics.

The black whole is the all inclusive everything that you are striving for. That is the jackpot of winning it all, which does not require that somebody loses. We can all win it at the same time, or whenever we finally are fed up chasing the mirages of future that never come true, and focus our creative will on the black whole of nothing permeating the whole of creation. Only through that black whole do we ever become whole, or nothing.

Nothing is the source, and all the things that we have striven for are just bits of memories that we have chased in vain. All our memories, all our identities were built in time and will thus perpetuate time over and over again. All our dreams of time will keep us imprisoned in time, they will keep us away from the timeless nothing, which is the only oneness there ever was. It is our true identity in this eternal now, where Life only takes place and where it only can be experienced. You are right within Life Itself and your striving for something else just makes a mess of it all. Just stop it as you’ve already got it all!