May 1

Fear does not apply to you, to real you, which is has no threats, no enemies, nothing to be afraid of. Fear is not about you, fear is only about your body, this magnificent gadget that you have created to explore this material creation of yours. Your body will die one day, there is no way you can get around that, but you yourself just cannot die. You are Life Itself in a human form. You are eternity clothed in the temporal clothes of matter.

So if you really think about it, is at at all sensible for the eternal you to worry about the certain death of your body, that it will die one of these days? It’s comparable to you as a human being living in fear of your favorite dress or costume becoming threadbare and unusable. It is merely stupid as all material things and bodies shall die one day.

Just try it out, the sense of not being afraid… Just explore this new truth growing through the ancient lies that have kept you falsely identified with matter… Just give it a chance, you might be more than you can ever think of… You might be alive, forever! And what kind of eternity do you wish to live in: fearful and anxious or loving and joyful? The choice is yours, right now!