May 3

When we are born we are nothing much, just Life Itself in a baby body. When we grow up we are encouraged to become something: a boy, a girl, a student, a man, a woman, a Finn, an American, a communist, a capitalist, a carpenter, a politician or whatever. We want to become something more than Life Itself, something important, successful, appreciated, popular, remembered or whatever. And then one day we die away into nothingness.

So what’s the point? Yeah, this human game is truly rigged, and we have rigged it with our own fears. But what if Life Itself is not rigged at all, while our fearful games in its bosom are? You see, becoming something entails some of sense lack. We are trying to become something more than we currently are. We live our lives fighting to become better, stronger, wiser, more beautiful or handsome, and then we die… No, sense in it at all!

But, what if I am not the body living only from birth to death, but I am Life Itself clothed in a body to experience the joys of sensual and emotional living, for a little while? What if I am the eternal Life Itself temporarily clothed in a human body? What if I was the forever Life to begin with, and my human adventure is a mere sand castle by the ocean of my eternity? The human life is just a fun game to be played for awhile, and not a fearfully desperate effort to build an eternal body – which obviously is not possible – or at least an eternal sand castle of my own.

What if I were Eternity Itself who first mistakenly dreamt of being a mere mortal and is then desperately trying to create something eternal within this material or mortal world? Or at least trying to make such a mark in the society that I am remembered eternally? How could that ever happen? – What if the source of all our pains and anxieties is our useless striving for eternity within our temporal body living in a material world? A material form born in time can never be eternal.

How could I in my human form and with my human intellect ever be able to better Life Itself and the miracle that is keeping my body going and my heart beating in spite of all my stressful efforts, while also keeping some planets, suns and galaxies swirling in the eternal vastness of its loving bosom?

Am I stupid or something? Or am I rather something fearful than Life Itself, which is both loving and nothing? What if I am a drop of the divine or of the Ocean of Life, which can potentially become anything whatsoever, but only for a moment? Then there is nothing to strive for in stress, nothing to become through a fearful effort. There is just eternal Life Itself – you and me – playing its temporal games in matter. And all of it just fun’s sake! In that case there is nothing to become, nothing ever to worry about. Not for you, nor for me.