June 26

I am sitting in the garden with a tea cup in my hand. The birds are twittering in the morning sun and the yellow brightness of dandelions is reaching towards the clear blue sky. A cat jumps in my lap and starts purring…

The cat is purring unity, it wants to reach me, to be in touch. The cat is purring in joyful oneness and it receives scratching and petting, and sometimes even food.

What are you humming? What songs are you turning around in your mind? Human songs are often songs of grief, sorrow, deprivation, and fear, and it is no wonder that our world is reflecting those emotions.

Sure, we all try to sing songs of joy, happiness, love and hope, and sometimes we even hit the right note, at least for a moment. But because our subconscious is silently humming songs of pain, loneliness and sorrow, those beautiful songs only live as hopes and future goals, and remain mostly unfulfilled.

Listen to your own hum, to that reactive whirling of your mind creating the major or minor tone of your life. You must be aware enough to change it, and to choose something you do not yet know instead. Only the unknown can create something new and wonderful, because everything old is just so old…

The greatest unknown is Life Itself, the miracle carrying also you and your sorrows. Life Itself has only one song, a song of joy, love and oneness. If you want to sing it and you want to recognize it, you have to give up all the hustle and bustle of worry, fear and anxiety humming at the back of your mind. Only then you can purr in joyful oneness with your beloved cat.