December 5

I received a concerned message from someone close to me. In his opinion, I had got too deeply immersed in the delusional worlds of conspiracy theories and thus he finished the message with the following words: “I do not know how I could help you, but I’m here if one day you find out that the conspiracy theories of the world no longer offer enough content for your life.” 

A friendly and well-meaning offer, don’t you think? But how could I give up studying the conspiracy theories, when I am just about to reveal the most impressive of all conspiracies, the mother of them all? It’s the ultimate conspiracy which is the source of all the others. 

Let me tell you! Everyone has their own private conspiracy, that is, their own private plan of how they wish to benefit from their world and society. Everyone is planning their own life and hoping to succeed by their own means in the world, or at least to survive. Everybody is fighting against everyone else, and some win and most lose.

Also every family has its own conspiracy towards the world. It wants to grow, take care of itself and maintain its own traditions. Families are also fighting against their world, and some of their plans succeed and others don’t. 

All towns and states have their own plans and strategies in order to succeed in the intensifying competition. They, too, have their own plans and patterns of collaboration that are not revealed for everyone. That is a conspiracy. 

Each company develops its own secret strategy by which it seeks to succeed at the expense of other companies and the society as a whole. They all have their own conspiracies. And the largest multinationals that dominate the world market, the monopolies, have their own secret plans to make everyone else, or at least a large portion of humanity, to behave the way they want and thus create more profit to fill the bottomless pits of the investors. 

Do you remember Uncle Scrooge? In our reality, there are many Uncle Scrooges and their friends. Why on earth wouldn’t they, like everyone else, try to take over the world through their secret plans? Why wouldn’t the most powerful behave like all others and all man-made systems do? Why wouldn’t there be conspiracies, or secretive strategic plans, at the top of society when they are clearly visible on all other levels of human life? Maybe the Uncle Scrooges of our world truly are like Santa Claus, or absolutely benevolent gift givers? 

But who among us is an absolutely benevolent and shadowless being? Not at least this Rahikainen of All Faults, who also sees his world through his own humanity! And now we are finally approaching the greatest and most important conspiracy of them all, the one which defines our humanity or our image of ourselves. “Who am I?” is the question and there are two completely opposite answers and/or experiences to it. Each of them leading to a world and reality of its own.

The reality of conspiracies described above grows out of fear and distress of individuals. Each of us has learned to believe that we all are separate individuals, who are like beasts bound to fight for their own existence. We all believe that we are alone in a dangerous world where our life, family, town, business and state are all constantly threatened by death, failure and bankruptcy while competing for success on the economical battlefields of the world. In that case it is natural to resort to secret plans and conspiracies. That is, when an individual is afraid. When he fears losing, when he cannot be sure of his victory… No-one believing this is ever completely safe, completely sure of the endurance and survival of his creation. All people die one day, and all their mighty or less mighty structures shall also collapse in time…

Our human life reminds me of fearful children playing on the sandy beach of a great ocean. There we form our own bodies and all the whole world from sand, or matter. People build their own houses, businesses, and realities on and of sand, and fear the inevitable moment when the ocean waves rise once again to wipe out everything… And as they fear they are constantly fighting each other and each other’s creations in every possible, and also secretive, manner. They live to fulfill the conspiracy theory of their own special group.

However, there is another possibility… Do you remember playing on the sandy beach as a carefree child? You surrendered to the joys of creation and played and built your own castles and moats. Sometimes you even playacted as the wave of destruction that crushed all your structures so that you could recreate them. And next to you, your friend was playing fully immersed in his own creation. You were innocent, you were excited and you were present because you had not yet learned to be afraid… You were joyful and in love with Life Itself.

Our societies built upon fear must ensure that children learn the ways of our world. That they learn to fear and to strive for love, success and happiness that can only be reached through those others also immersed in the illusions of the world. They learn to strive for a mirage, which ever remains somewhere out there in the future. We teach our children to forget the innocent joy and well-being arising from themselves, and we also teach them our own fear-based way of life, the conspiracy of fear: “All people must be kept away from the source of living joy and love in themselves, and guided towards an illusory future where it will never be found, except for a fleeting moment!”

So the mother of all conspiracies is in my own mind. And judging by the visible reality of my world, it must also be in your mind. Closely related to the denial of my own secretive plan or conspiracy is the effort to change the world and its people to suit my own desires. As long as people behave according to my will, I don’t have to identify my own inner conspiracy, which is forcing me to control other people’s thoughts and actions in order to remain hidden. This is what we have all tried, and none of us has ever succeeded except for a passing moment. 

Simply put, the situation is this: We are the children of Life Itself playing by the ocean of eternity. We are joyfully creating our own sand castles, and playing along with Life Itself. We are creating all kinds of stuff, and we have finally become really skilled, and even created our computers and many other fancy gadgets from that very sand, or silicon. We are pretty awesome! 

Creating is surely joyful and fun, but when we make the mistake of identifying ourselves with the structures we’ve been able to create, we are fucked up and lured into our own special conspiracies. In our fear we have mistakenly given our life to our bodies, buildings, gadgets and organizations, which are all creations born of matter and thus bound to diein time. That is the reason why we resort to the secret covenants of fear to be able to imagine the survival of our creations. And it’s all in vain! We are utterly mistaken, for everything ever created from sand, or matter, will one day be destroyed when the ocean of eternity chooses to sweep over our momentary games…

Even then it is good to remember that I am none of my tangible creations nor am I even my body, which as a creation of matter is also bound to die. But I’m Eternity Itself, which wanted to experience a moment of play on this sandy beach of matter. In fact I am invisible and invincible Life Itself beyond all things visible. I’m the Alpha and Omega of my existence. I know no fear and need no conspiracies to live and prosper forever. I am joyfully One, just like you are!