December 19

No one else can ever know what you need to do, no one else can live your life. You are freedom itself, an unlimited universe playing in the sandbox of finite matter and time. 

You are born into this world with certain trace emotions. They have been stored in the memory of your mind, or soul, and they have led you to choose the very parents and the very country and culture that will bring forth and display the unfinished emotional experiences stored in your soul. 

This world of extreme emotions exists because you carry those emotions in your subconscious mind. This world that seems so crazy is a representation of your forbidden feelings. Your only job is to recognize your own part in the madness of your world, and to give it up when you have had enough of that particular experience, or when you no longer want it. 

Do what you have to do. Only in this way can you ever make the structure and content of your mind visible. For only the structures of the mind seen and experienced can you ever change. Until now, you have made the mistake of trying to change the world, or the reflection of your mind, and as you know by now that world never changes completely according to your will. Your world will only change when your mind reflected on it changes, that is, when you have recognized your own part in its madness, and got enough of it. 

Do what you have to do to find out that you don’t have to do anything 🙂 Do what you have to do for so long that all your invisible emotions can be seen and encountered. Do what you have to do until you realize that your true will is the will of the universe. 

Life Itself wants to express joy, peace, love and wisdom, and it is also your will when you have had enough of expressing everything else. Only when you have experienced all your dark feelings and got enough of them, can you ever return to the joy and wonder that was yours at the beginning. That is what you are still behind the slag of your past and forbidden feelings hidden in time. In the beginning was joy that sang while it created. You were the very beginning.