December 21

At Christmas, families gather together to share the festive moment with a joint atmospheric and hearty meal. Christmas is a celebration of well-being that sometimes bounces off of hands and turns into a pressure cooker that brings to life all possible fears and anxieties buried in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Christmas is a challenging celebration! 

We are living right now in a welfare state that has bounced off and turned into a pressure cooker of distressing fear, where reaction after reaction, the pressure only grows higher. The world around us that we have learned to trust as a benevolent Mother State is turning into a carrier of ever increasing horror of fear. It is frighteningly solidifying around us like some Christmases gone wrong in our memories.

Our world right now is an extremely challenging place that brings out all the fears and anxieties we have ever buried in the depths of our minds. For example, the last few days I have been watching how the news of a new mutating Covid-19 virus has resulted in a terrified spasm of fear about to isolate the British Isles from the world. Countries are banning travel connections to England, because one of the more than 4,000 thousand mutations of Covid-19 viruses found in the south of England may spread more easily than the normal virus. Researchers are not quite sure about this either, but such an opportunity would seem to be possible… This according to the respected English newspaper Guardian: england-uk 

We have let fear loose in our welfare state, which, supposedly for our own health and well-being, seeks to scare us to death. Our society is feeling worse for wear and becoming nauseous like a pregnant woman. A woman’s body preparing to give birth is going through a variety of major changes. The more fearful the pregnant woman is, the more challenging those body changes are, meaning the worse a pregnant woman feels. 

Our world is pregnant with fear and that is why we are all challenged while waiting for the moment of childbirth, for something that will set us free from this painful fear. We are offered vaccination as the salvation, although at the same time it is already clear that they cannot free us from our troubles. We are being offered ever more precise monitoring and control as our salvation, although it is clear that neither will save us either. And we are offered artificial intelligence and the opportunity to become like a robot with the help of technical add-ons. Then we would no longer be bothered by human fears and anxieties. I don’t think it will save us from this pinch, because suppressing Life will not help Life. 

At Christmas, we celebrate the extension of the day beginning with the winter equinox, the rebirth of light, and the birth of Jesus, the rebirth of inner light of man more than 2,000 years ago. Jesus came to remind the world, which was suffocating in its fears, that the light of Life dwells in all of us, eagerly awaiting its deliverance from the fearful darkness of our minds. Jesus came to remind us that we can all be born again into joy, light, and love. Now is again time for that rebirth!

It’s time for you to choose! You can choose the world you want to be born into and see the truth that you yourself are forever the creator of your own reality. Your world is always born from the feelings that you carry in your mind. By following the distressing advice of your society enslaved by anxiety, you end up as a fearful robot in the Brave New World, which becomes the hell of endless recycling of old fears. That’s one choice… 

Another happier and brighter possibility is that under the oppressive pressure of your world, you eventually turn inwards, or you face the fears you have borne and that have kept you guided by external structures and pressures of other people. In this thrilling time of fear, you may eventually find that you don’t have to follow anyone, no leader nor a family member or a loved one, to become happy and prosperous in spirit. 

You can be born into the joy, peace, and love that is your true nature as Life’s own child, who is eternally playing and creating as Life itself. There are people around you who, under the pressures of the year 2020, have opened up to their own strength and been born again to reach beyond their own fears. Recognize them and share your own joyous experiences with them, but don’t start to follow them either, because you will only find your true nature by doing and experiencing exactly what you need. 

We all have our own subconscious fears, which we have to consciously face and release to finally reach the plane of joy, light and peace within us all. There we can eventually meet and recognize each other as equally loving and lovable children of Life Itself. There in our common core we are reborn as conscious creators of Life that we are. Life itself is One, it is the ongoing movement of creation in both you and me. Surrender to it instead of the growing structures of human fear around you. Find your own eternal self and realize the true message of Christmas. May your own light be born to illuminate a world about to suffocate in its own fears. It is time for all of us to wake up to our own true being so that we can remind our dear companions of their true nature as well. Love is ever true and eternal, fears mere momentary challenges. And the true Christmas is within you!