January 21

Yesterday the leader of the world’s largest and most powerful nation was changed. A “bad” leader, despised and hated by almost the whole world, was replaced by a “good” leader desired by almost everybody. Now all is well and our new leader is about to lead us towards an ever more beautiful and wonderful world, towards the fulfillment of all our hopes. – That’s how it looks like, but is it really that simple?

Yesterday was also a day of great disappointment. Many people around the world had believed and hoped that the previous leader would have been the savior of the world they longed for, that is, the one who would reveal and destroy all the evil seemingly ruling our world. Until the last moment thousands and thousands of people maintained their hope that the old leader would destroy all the evil that has plagued the world with one commandment of his and deliver us all from evil. – Well, that’s not what happened…

We are all trained to believe in leaders; parents, teachers, priests, gurus and so on. We have learned to believe that our leaders are benevolent and wise. We trust their knowledge and understanding to lead us all toward a better and brighter future. We have learned to surrender to our leaders, and to rejoice when they lead us right and to be disappointed when they lead us wrong. We have surrendered to the graces of our leaders.

Why does a leader lead? Where is he taking us? And why does he think he knows what’s best for us? – A leader wants to be good, he wants to lead us away from evil and towards what he thinks is good. A leader believes in evil and therefore tries to get away from that. A leader believes in the good and smugly imagines that his own good is best for everyone 🙂 And we follow the leader because we believe in his good and do not want to research and find out for ourselves what is really good for us. We follow the leader because we still want to be blind and dependent.

Every leader leads us astray, that is, to what he believes to be good and right. Every leader believes that he is good and the others with another leader are bad. Each leader fights for his own good and against the evil of another. All leaders are equally right in their own minds and all equally wrong in the eyes of the others. Where do these leaders really lead us who are so hopeful? – From disappointment to another, right?

There is only one true leadership that does not lead to deception or to new hopes and disappointments. There is only one leadership that relies on the internal leadership of each individual, which knows that within each person is the best, most beautiful and loving knowledge of how he or she should lead himself or herself. Within every human being is Life Itself, the common field of the universe within which everything rests and everything grows.

All of us are to be led to that source of the sacred oneness of Life, from which emanates the knowledge emanates that can lead us, alone and together, in a direction that is good and fruitful for all life in and around us. Life Itself in all of us is our only truly wise leader, whom we have forgotten as we have followed the good and bad leaders of the world, who have repeatedly seduced us and led us towards their own enchanting hopes and frightening disappointments.

Life Itself leads with immediate joy and gratitude. Life Itself frees us and broadens our minds as well as heals our bodies. Life Itself is simple and clear, all-encompassing and loving. Life Itself leads us from within us, where everything we have longed for has always been and always will be, right now! Life Itself within all of us!