April 8

You’ve probably noticed that sometimes I write very close to “myself,” that is, the role character of Rahikainen that I portray in this human play. I reveal Rahikainen’s most secret fears and anxieties, everything that we are used to covering up like dogs their shit in heaps of dirt. Everything that keeps my role-ridden character in that pile stinking of anxiety. The further I go in revealing my whole role character, the less nothing scares me and the more glimpses of joy, light and love that I sense to be my real self begin to come through.

“In the beginning was joy that sang and created” is a phrase I once wrote in the 1990s, which has long been my motto and the guiding star of my journey of exploration. I had an inkling that joy and creative love is my true character beyond all the fears and other dark feelings dominating my role figure, Rahikainen. And the more I’ve dared to reveal my Rahikainen to myself – and to you 🙂 – the more I have been flooded by experiences of joyful love arising from within. All the more, the joy of the beginning, and eternity, has led me to create and expand my life as well.

The more I see and experience my world in the light of the joy that emanates from within me, the better and more clearly I can see that you are a creator like me and worthy of this same eternal joy. Only within time and seen with the temporal eyes of the body we are different, of different looks and sizes, we are men, women, children, grandmas and grandpas, good and evil, whatever… But in the inner eyes of eternity we are all the same light, the same joyful eternity that chose to descend into this world of dualism to play hide sand seek with itself.

We all imagine ourselves as separate and therefore fearful role characters and then we believe each other to be better or worse, bigger or smaller than all the others. Because in our imagination we have separated ourselves from the beginnings of simple joy, peace, and love, we now desperately try to create the same in this world of time and matter forever swinging between the poles of plus and minus. This utter uncertainty has led to growing fears as we can never control matter absolutely. And we fail every time in that impossible task. The real Self we miss is not of this world but it is behind this world, beyond my own character called Rahikainen.

Therefore, I must continue to dig up my character from beneath the boulders of fears and the gravel of anxiety, until my own sweet gold, the whole and real Self emerges completely. Only after making myself completely visible I can actually see you as you are me and I am you. In eternity we are already one, we are the whole Self that we are all digging out from under the sudden avalanche of our fears at the beginning of time. To Know Yourself is to know you and me in everything and everywhere. Amen.