April 25

We are living in a time of great deception, manifested as extremely blatant and fearful control of all public media channels. The veil of fear over our world and in the minds of people has never been so comprehensive and unified, and its message has never been so simple: a virus is going to come and kill you if you don’t do as you are told…

The blatantness and monotony of the rule of fear reveals to us its own insanity, especially to those who have even the slightest doubt about the veracity of the situation. In this way, it forces people ready to wake up to give up the fears of our externally controlled dream and take a step inwards to their own and independent understanding that they had forgotten for a moment. Man takes off the frightening shackles of the external power and awakens to the independent, joyful, and loving inner power that awaits its blooming within every human being. Thus everything is actually fine and just as it should be!

For one who has hitherto imagined the power exercised by our leaders to be pure and benevolent, it is certainly difficult to encounter and see so blatantly the falseness of their leadership. “Don’t be silly! Our leaders couldn’t act like that! They are good men and women and they certainly know what they are doing … ”

That childish confidence in the well-meaning leadership of parents and leaders, has kept this world together until these days, but from now on we must all find our own leadership, or our own connection to the true oneness that is about to awaken within us. Life Itself within all of us is the only truly benevolent leadership we can ever find. That is where we are all one, children of the same love.

Our leaders have a long tradition of cheating. Leaders have repeatedly sent their citizens to death for any pretext that in the end has only been in the leaders’ own interest, never for the benefit of those millions and millions who have died over time in the wars developed by our leaders. Sometimes we have fought for freedom, brotherhood and equality, sometimes for independence and democracy, but we have always fought for our leaders pursuing their own interests.

Apparently, the last European king who took part in a battle and died in it was King Charles XII of Sweden in 1718, about 300 years ago. Since then, kings, emperors, and presidents have moved farther away from the battlefields and sent us to our deaths instead. And the monetary princes who rule our rulers have never even visited those fields, because for them wars have always been the best and most lucrative investment, the profits of which they have secured by financing all possible countries at war. This is how money always wins all wars!

Follow the money! Or find the one who benefits from any human war or crisis and you will find the entity that created the situation. We are all ready to do almost anything for the sake of money and so are those who rule this world through their banks and investments. Making money and profit entitles a person and a company to do anything. This is even enshrined in law, as the sole purpose of a corporation is to make a profit for its shareholders. And as the big multinational corporations rule our world, the purpose of our whole life has gradually become that pursuit of profit under their leadership…

Who loses when the multinationals win? Who loses in all wars, regardless of the beautiful and addictive words we believe we are fighting for? – Freedom, democracy, independence, health and prosperity are worth nothing in the wars that those great companies have been free to wage against all citizens, all living people and everything still alive on this beautiful Earth. All war is mere grief in the pursuit of profit!

So is also this present war of ours against an invisible enemy that will come and kill us if we do not behave as our leaders all over the world are proclaiming in unison. They scare us with death to become obedient robot citizens, when death is a natural and inevitable ending of human life. They don’t tell you that all people – and also they themselves – die someday. And they’re not saying that our current invisible killer hasn’t killed any more people than die in normal circumstances. No, for they want to control and subjugate us through the fear of death. And they do it in an old-fashioned gangster manner, meaning you can die if you don’t do what we want!

This is by no means the first time we have been tricked! But this seems to be the culmination of all the cheating, an extreme lie that has gradually grown to enormous proportions. It is the last convulsive attempt of those who are afraid of losing their power over the world and all its people. They are now trying to grab it completely, and cement their false and fearful rule. Which actually cannot succeed, but is still quite impressive as an exercise!

Here are a few examples of the lies that those in power have sold to us as truth only to tighten their own grip on our world and to make more money and power at our expense. And in all of them, the media and the news it conveys have played an integral part, for our minds and worlds are governed by those mediated images.

The following descriptions are only brief summaries and hints of what may have happened and are based on years of studying the materials related to the topics. Find out more for yourself if you will…

J.F. Kennedy’s murder was by no means carried out by a lone madman, but he was removed by those exercising veiled power in the world whom Kennedy threatened to expose and make visible. L. H. Oswald did not shoot the bullet that hit Kennedy’s forehead and penetrated his occiput, etc. etc, but because some structures of the administration itself ordered his murder, they also did everything to protect themselves. That’s why the term “conspiracy theorist” was coined to brand all those who got too close to the truth. And after Kennedy died, the Vietnam War was launched, which was very good for business, but not for those killed there.

Just before his death, Kennedy had time to declare that US would go to the Moon before the end of the decade. He said it even though he himself was a bit skeptical about the project. That project, too, became an extreme business opportunity, despite the fact that it eventually turned out that NASA would not be able to send a manned vessel to the Moon. In order to maintain US reputation and the trust of its citizens, this was disguised by imaginary Moon trips created with the help of Hollywood. The power of the media was tremendous even then!

The next big scam was 9/11, a planned and controlled detonation of two outdated and well-insured skyscrapers that were supposedly destroyed by planes piloted by terrorists flying into them. With regard to that scam, my eyes opened when I saw a circular hole in a wall of Pentagon reportedly left by a plane flying into it that same day. There were no aircraft parts, no wings, no engines on the lawn in front of it… Apparently a cruise missile was fired at that empty part of the building. Who did it and who could ever cover it with their lies? – But in any case, 9/11 caused the American people to get involved and to send US troops into a long and costly war in Afghanistan and against Arab terrorists, which only now, 20 years later, is slowly being wrapped up…

There is no longer a need for big actual wars and killing fields, as warfare, which always brings great financial gains to its financiers, has now moved directly into people’s minds and inside their bodies. With this present viral enemy the minds of the people are taken over and commanded like robots by their overlords And with the vaccines offered to alleviate – but not eliminate – our fears, our bodies also become active battlefields, as they are flooded with genes that permanently change the structure of our cells towards the direction desired by those in power.

Yes, but our leaders are wise and benevolent – or are they? Apparently, most of them really don’t know what they’re doing, but they surrender to their own fears and the experts guiding them. Also those in power lusting for more are prisoners of their own fears, just like you and me are as long as we have not encountered them.

Therefore, facing your subconscious fears brought up by this frightening world can be the greatest gift you have ever received. It gives you the opportunity to finally face your own fears, the very ones that plague the leaders of your world, too. We have all traveled for far too long in the same leaky boat of fear. And we have all placed our faith in our similarly fearful captains and mates. Now our boat has crashed into the frightening iceberg of its own subconscious mind and is sinking at an ever-increasing pace into the cold depths whence it was once raised by our common fears. The mill of fear has been grinding money, power and might for a long long time, but now its time is over! And the cold world of fear was just a fantasy we chose to believe in for a passing moment!

Our true being, or Life Itself in all of us, is the warm and joyful embrace of love that has carried us through all our cold and deadly fears. And when our fears crumble as they are finally confronted, we awaken to that eternal peace, prosperity, joy, and love that is also called paradise. Paradise is the natural state of the fearless mind, which belongs to you and me and also to our leaders. In paradise we are all one, we are love itself beyond our lonely fears.