July 28

According to Wikipedia, “a dictatorship is a political system of an independent state in which power is in the hands of one person, group, or very limited group. Dictatorships are authoritarian, sometimes also totalitarian. The dictatorship is characterized by the repression of the political opposition and the restriction of freedom of expression and other traditional democratic freedoms. “

It is easy to to see that by that definition we are living in a global dictatorship right now, ruled by a small group of experts who pass on the same guidelines and views on the current global health challenge to all local health authorities who conscientiously implement those guidelines so that almost identical restriction and treatment decisions are made around the world.

At the same time, all dissenting experts and citizens will be discriminated against and their views denied access to mainstream media and TV channels harnessed to serve general and unified propaganda. All over the world, the media conveys a single message according to the following Wikipedia definition:

“Propaganda (Latin propaganda,‘ disseminating matter ’) is the systematic dissemination of an idea or doctrine with the aim of shaping opinion. Propaganda is a purposeful, deliberate, and systematic attempt to manipulate people’s beliefs, attitudes, or actions. Propaganda creates images and strives to control the minds. It nurtures prejudices, harmonizes thinking, and silences dissent. Propaganda is always about influencing the masses, not just communication between two individuals. ”

We thus live in a propagandistic dictatorship that uses psychological manipulation as defined by Wikipedia, which is “the use of the object’s predictable reactions for the benefit of the manipulator. Manipulation can happen in any situation where people talk to each other. A person who has been manipulated feels that he or she has to do something against his or her will or his or her own interests (are downtrodden) for the benefit of another person. ”

In the past history of mankind, dictatorships have been limited and restricted to only one nation or the territories it has conquered. This was the case, for example, in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, and in the dictatorships of Italy, Spain, Greece and South America, which were governed quite as the whole world and all its peoples and citizens are now governed.

From those previous dictatorships, it was still possible to escape to other free and democratic states in search of a better life. But there is no escape from the current global dictatorship, because the same repression of the opposition and dissidents and the restriction of national rights take place all over the world, except for small local variations, in exactly the same way and also almost simultaneously. For the first time in human history, dictatorial power extends all over the world at the same time.

What are you doing in this situation? What do I do? We both know that freedom and joyous space to live our life are essential if we want to live a good life on this beautiful green planet. We also know that the austerity and narrowing solutions offered by our fearful rulers to the current health challenge will only lead to increasingly cramped and frightening social structures and realities. They lead humans to turn into fear-driven robots who are only allowed to carry out the evermore restrictive orders of their rulers until life in them can no longer take it and they die away, which is also the will of the rulers. They need to get rid of the useless and unproductive people in order to realize their important and insatiably arrogant and destructive dreams for complete control of the world and its people.

We are governed by fear. We are told that if we do not follow the recommendations, ordinances, or laws of our rulers, we are irresponsible people who put themselves and their fellow men at great risk of death. We are told that only by doing what they demand can we protect ourselves and our loved ones from the great danger that our current health challenge poses to all of us. We may even die if we do not do as we are told.

But our worldly life is associated with the inevitable fact that our body will die one day This has always been and will always be the case, despite all the impossible and possible means by which we try to keep death at bay. Death is part of this great play of Life and man will never be able to remove it.

The dictatorial rule using the fear of death makes our lives boring and deadly, it forces us to become mere mechanical parts of a machine-like system. This kills all the joy, laughter, and sweet love of our lives just as we have seen in the context of other more limited dictatorships. We are all being led into an externally controlled life modeled on the communist dictatorship already in power in China, whose sole purpose is to provide more power to the small elitist group that dominates the nation and doesn’t give a shit about us or our lives. Is that what you want?

In order not to carry out the will of rulers manipulating us through fear and dictatorial propaganda, we must dismantle from our own being all the fearful structures by which we can be controlled externally. Those protrusions are like protrusions pointing in every direction of the virus that is seemingly tormenting us, and through them we can be manipulated by fear.

We can face and break that minefield of fear that we are so used to carrying around our holy and pure being. We can face any fear arising from our subconscious mind one by one and realize that they are all just traces and memories of the past that have no power in this present moment of life unless I myself give it to them. Unless I myself activate them over and over again in the manner desired by the ruler manipulating me. That is how he can have power over me and lead us all where he wants.

He does it and we just whine and follow his rule because we haven’t realized we can choose otherwise. We ourselves can break the leashes of fear with which our rulers have led us to this very moment. And we can break them only right now or when we have got fed up with them in this only real moment of Life.

You can start demolishing your fears at any time. And it is enough to face them one at a time remembering that you are not any of them. You are the eternal Life Itself, hidden for a moment under the cover of our own fears. Your fears are all your creations – just like your sand cakes by the sea of eternity – and therefore you can also unravel and break them as soon as you have had enough of them and the games of fear related to them.

Take your fears and the fears offered by your ruler one by one into the arms of your own love. In this way you release the energy of the Life Itself committed to them and make room for the joy, peace and love awaiting you within your own being. Be who you really are and let the fears you have momentarily imagined melt away. This is how you will be freed from the captivity of fear offered by your rulers and then you can realize the ever-expanding will of Life Itself within your own miraculously expanding daily life, or right now!