August 13

Yesterday, I hung a stained glass depicting a red rose on my flower window. Its beautiful and delicate figure rises from the greenery of the landscape. This morning as I sat in my rocking chair and pondered upon the mystery of human life and creation by that window, I got a simple vision of how all creation works. Really!

According to the most generally accepted quantum mechanical notion, all particles of matter, from the smallest to the largest, have simultaneously both the shape of a particle orbiting around itself and a waveform extending through the universe. The smaller the particle the more clearly that waveform can be measured. So all matter consists of waves that have temporarily arisen from the ocean of the universe to form a swirling likeness of seemingly solid matter that looks separate, but in the end consists only of the undulating energy of the ocean of the universe.

In front of that rose, I realized how my creative thoughts also arise from that energetic ocean of eternity to become seemingly separate the wave motions swirling in my mind. In this way, they acquire the quality of matter and are thus able, after the passage of appropriate time, to produce a material expression of the thoughts and feelings they carry. Thus when the restless thoughts about the state of my world arose in my mind this morning, I could have started swirling them in my mind and thus increased the restlessness in my body and through it in my world.

But when I realized that even those thoughts had risen from the waves of the ocean of the universe, I was able to consciously unravel the creepy thoughts emerging in my mind and restore the energy of those thoughts and feelings back to their original source. I relaxed the old feeling about to be materialized again, because I had had enough of those restless thoughts and didn’t want to create anything of that kind anymore. Peace filled my mind.

At the same time, I realized that an emerging insight into the swirling quality of thoughts was arising and I saw how I could pass it on to other creatures like me struggling with their own thoughts and feelings. This insight also gave rise to its own swirling thought, which set in motion a process in my mind to create a material manifestation for itself or this text.

There was a difference in this new swirling idea compared to previous old and restless ones in that it produced joy and enthusiasm, as it arose from the balanced nature of the universe itself and thus created something new and beautiful. It reflected the quality of Life Itself and did not, like old twisted ideas, seek to limit creation and isolate me from the all-bearing primordial sea of the universe. This new swirly thought was opening and expanding creation while the old ones were merely repetitions of old diminishing and enclosing patterns.

This is everything you need to know to gradually sift through your mind and release back to the ocean of the universe all the torturous thoughts reproducing old fears, worries, anxieties, sorrows, and guilt. When you are awake and present, you can recognize the old swirling thoughts arising in your mind and you can then casually let them to return back to the ocean of eternal waves. That’s it. Your mind will be at peace and the world will begin to settle into a new peaceful order arising through your mind.

In that restful state of presence also new happy and creative swirling thoughts begin to arise. You recognize them and allow them to lead you to a peaceful creation of something dear to you in any realm of life that is close, familiar, and important to you. I just happen to have this gift of writing, which means that I have invested a lot of time and effort to create and express Life Itself through it. You, on the other hand, have invested in something completely different, but the same principles of creation are at work in all human activities. At every moment we all get to choose either the swirling thoughts repeating our old ailments or the ones leading to new expansion of creative life, all of them arising from the primordial ocean of our minds.

It’s just a matter of which quality you want to maintain in your mind: either the swirling thoughts repeating old ailments and past fears, or the swirling thoughts that carry new and as yet unknown joys of creation? You and I, both of us, are completely free within our minds to choose the thoughts and feelings we want to carry and sustain. No one else can make those choices for us, for they always occur in the sacred loneliness of our own minds.

Only the old thoughts of fear swirling in the subconscious depths of our minds, where we have time after time pushed them back, keep us repeating our old sorrows. They are like sea mines that we ourselves have hidden along our own route and they hold us prisoners of our own past dramas as they keep on exploding time and time again.

But all our swirling thoughts are merely made of the wave energy of the primordial ocean of the universe, which has for a moment swirled around itself to create a seemingly solid expression. You, as their creator and bearer, can confront them all and restore the tortuous waves of dark and fearful feelings back to the peace of the primordial ocean of creation, from which those same waves can later arise as new and inspiring whirlwinds of thought. Thus you can also create new joyous and incredible, but ever temporary, forms in this eternal playing field called Life. You might like it, too!