March 30

Joy is the source, the only forever emotion beyond our humanity. Joy knows no time, it never begins, and it never ends. Joy is not in a hurry, joy is full, opening in an eternal play. Joy is one, all alone the whole world, the Universe itself.

We are children of Joy, always free to choose, free to create our own individual worlds. We human beings – you and I – have got the same divine freedom as Joy itself, for that’s the only way we can once be fully united with Joy and become conscious creators of heaven and earth.

The plan of Joy is simple; through human beings the spirit descends in the endless process of time ever deeper into the slowness of matter, accomplishes it slowly guided by love and laughter, and eventually when the union is full, when spirit and matter are united with ease, the human being is truly born to its rightful form in this great game of Joy.

Joy saw all this right in the beginning. Joy saw through millions of years, it saw past time, for Joy has no time; everything has always been the same movement, the same forever pulsation of light and joy. The plan of Joy is simple, it shall be realized, time shall end, history shall be finished and human beings shall be born to the limitless divinity as the seed of which he has in vain tried to govern the earth with the limited laws of matter.

The Earth is an egg in the womb of space fed by the inexhaustible umbilical cord of the Sun. The Sun is a part of the body of stars, the net of spirit that fills and maintains the space, and all. The human being, the whole of humanity, is the sperm of spirit that has for millions of years descended ever deeper into the secrets of this beautiful blue world.

On his journey the human being has forgotten his own nature, lost his own divine joy and attached himself to the limited worlds that he has learned to govern with his intellect. Man has become arrogant in his mighty skill in forming earth and matter with his hand and his machines.

The fact of forgetting Joy has been almost fatal, for Joy is the source of everything, the true carrier of all worlds. In his forgetfulness man has begun to create in fear, misery, doubt, greed and in every other dark feeling arising from matter, from our fatal attachment to all our human illusions that will one day crumple to dust.

Human beings – you and I – have forgotten our spark of Joy and based our worlds upon pain and anxiety. Now we are suffering from our own forgetfulness.
I have become a prisoner of matter encircled by time and space. I cannot see through my own creation, not through the timber, stone and steel that I govern with my hands and machines. I cannot see through my body, not my living self through the matter attached to my spirit. I decline to see in myself the heir and the messenger of eternal Joy that I truly am. I am spellbound by matter, spellbound by my own lonely and fearful worlds.

The world around me is a reflection of my inner nature, a great mirror that clearly shows me my own likeness, shows me the conflict, the disregard for Joy that is the source of all my misery. All the wars, all the famines, natural disasters, crisis and conflicts both in the great scale of the world and in my own personal life exist solely for the purpose of waking me up, challenging me to finally wake up from the heavy sleep of matter, from that almost eternal misery that I have chosen for myself. The whole world, all that I ever meet is leading me towards the home of eternal Joy in creation that is truly mine.

My world is changing, the tyrants are giving up their power, and human beings are searching for their free and independent nature. The borders are vanishing, the impossible structures are attaining their final blooming before giving way to new found ease and joy that is slowly making it’s way into our mind. I am finally being born, passing through the final painful contractions of birth.

I am stepping into a new age, into the easy flow of joy that I have always quietly known to be mine, but which I have not dared to live up in my grey and troubled reality which I have thought to be the only one possible. Life is a play of Joy, and I am one of the mighty actors in the play. The play is forever, patiently waiting for you and me. The play is for all of us, the Joy that we all are.